If only you knew the real me...

This story is about a girl called Hannah that is in a relationship with a boy(zayn) in her school. The boy only likes her for her looks but one day he finds out about her past and it is exposed. Now he doesn't wants to be seen with her and her friends ignore her. Luckily she finds a man but does zayn still love her.


1. 1.

I never felt so good about my self when I wake up because last night I was fostered by two lovely adults to take care of  me. Before they came along, I was an orphan on the streets begging for a living until a social health carer found me sick on the ground. I promised my self on that day to remember where I came from no matter what.

It is a beginning of a new life and as I sit up straight in my bed looking around the room. Someone suddenly knock on the door, so I get up to get it.

" oh yeah, I fogot to tell you yesterday but you starting school today." my foster mum says exclaim.

" buttt....... I am not ready yet" I anxiously bit my lip.

She pushed me gently to a closet and yelled over excitedly " um yes you are, just open it!"

 I opened my closet as my eyes sees a glimpse of heaven with a row of beautiful clothes. I was grateful of what I had. After I got dressed, I take a look at the mirror and decided let my hair down. My foster dad peeps behind the door and tells me that he will drive me to school and he will wait for me in his white car.

Now I am in school, as I walked through the hallway my legs were shaking. The teacher told me to go to room 138 but I didn't know where it was. A boy came up to me and says" never seen your beauty around the school, so your new right".

I was blushing but i replied urgently" wheres room 138".

He answers back saying " what will i get ,maybe a quick kiss."

I didn't know whether to fall for his trap or not but he was totally cute and adorable. At a sudden moment I saw my lip leaning on his and I quickly pull my self away.

" Follow me if you need room 138" he says .

So I was late to class , especially on my first day.

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