Awaiting Destiny.

A girl who has been abused at home as well as school all of her life, gets the once in a lifetime chance to meet the fabulous One Direction! She wins a date with a boy of her choice, and we all know that picking between them is SUPER hard, but Niall has a little "surprise" for her. Who will she choose? Read and find out!


7. Waking Up To Heaven.

After the ferris wheel ended, we went home. The whole car ride, of course there was stuff to talk about. When we got back to the house, I had the guest room to myself. The guest room was luckily right across from Niall's room. The entire night, I heard shuffling and moving. It didn't sound like he had a good nights sleep at all. I debated whether or not I should have went to check on him. But, ended up falling asleep anyway. My dreams were filled with One Direction. Mostly Niall though. Which of course, I didn't mind at all.

My eyes eased open, letting the sunlight from the huge windows, glisten in them. It was so bright, at first I thought I was in heaven. They open more, and I realize I am in a place that I could consider heaven. I sit up, and look around. Last night it was too dark to actually look at how beautiful the room is. It was designed in tan colors, and had a gorgeous chandelier in the middle like Liam's room. The floor was tile, and had a brownish tint. The bed I was in, was king-sized, and had veils hanging from the top. There were tons upon tons of pillows on the bed, and heavy blankets.

I feel as if I had the best night of sleep in my entire life. I have never felt this well rested before. I want to just lay back down and continue the best sleep I haveever had, but then I remember that the most amazing guys in the world are right outside my door.

I ease out of bed, making sure to beas quiet as possible. I know that they know I am awake, I'm sure of it. I doubt they will suspect me though. I tiptoe over and lean my ear to the door. I hear little whispers, but I can't makeout what they are saying. I smile, thinking I am so clever. I open the door very quickly, sending the boys crashing to the floor. It was Niall, Liam, and Louis. They yell stuff like "Woah, what's your probolem?" , "Didn't expect that one." , and and mix of curse words. I burst out laughing. "Oh my gosh, guys you stalkers." I tease, still laughing. Niall jumps up. "Just curious if you were awake yet, Belle." He says clearly embarrassed.

Liam and Louis stand up too, and look at Niall expectantly. They break out in song "C'mon c'mon, we're cooking breakfast now. C'mon, c'mon it's 8 o'clock now." Followed by a few creative verses. We all laugh, and go downstairs, me still in my pj's. I feel so comfortable around them, so I don't really care,but I still hurry and brush my teeth. We start walking down the hallway and I notice some missing boys. "Where are Harry and Zayn?" And just as I say that, we pass a room and I see Zayn and Harry still dressed in party clothes, and laying on the floor. Not the bed. Not the couch. But, the floor. Obviously passed out from drinking with a hangover. I laugh and shake my head.

I walk into the dinning room and I inhale the amazing aroma of a delicious feast. I see pancakes stacked high, bacon in piles, tons of eggs, and a lot more. Selections of juices, and milks. Breakfast heaven, right here. I feel as if I am drooling at the sight. If the smell is amazing, I can only imagine how good the food will actually taste.

"Well, stop drooling, and get you something to eat, Bella." Louis says. His hair looks rough this morning. Liam and Niall look pretty rough too. But, they are all still gorgeous. "Don't mind if I do."

I pilemy plate high with food. Niall's eyes widen, and it looks as if he is makng sure to get more food than me. "Well, Niall, looks like you two have got more in common than you thought. She has definitely got your appetite. She might even eat more than you." Liam says with a laugh. I laugh. "Ohhh, I don't know about that." Niall says with a smile.

We sit down, and it looks like Niall and I have the same ammount of food. I look over at Niall and he gives me a wink and starts eating. I do the same. Liam and Louis start talking, me and Niall are too busy stuffing our faces to counter. "I dont care! Don't take her back. After that, she don't deserve it!" Louis yells. Liam shakes his head and takes both his hands and rubs his temples. "I don't give a s*it Louie! I f*ucking love her." Liam says. They of course are talking about Danielle. "Okay, just give it some time okay? You don't want to rush into things. Just, remember what she did to you." Louis says hopefully. "I know, I know. I'll wait and see." Liam says. "She's still a b*tch though." Louis adds. Which makes Liam mad. They are yelling at each other, and me and Niall are just sitting here, kind of in awe.

"Everybody shut the f*ck up. Okay? Good." Harry walks in the room. Zayn trailing behind him. They are both clearly drunk and hungover. It's awkward silence as Harry and Zayn grab a plate to eat. When they sit, it's still silent. "Well, don't let us ruin the fun." Zayn says, "Besides all of the f*cking arguing. Continue." No one talks. So I decide to break the ice and say something. "So, this food is really good, wouldn't you say so, Nialler?" He nods and smiles with food still in his mouth, making me and Lou smile and laugh. The others, too serious to care.

As breakfast continues, Zayn keeps looking at me. And not the kind of innocent look, but just a really weird one; which makes me very uncomfortable. I decide to go to the bathroom, just to get a break from it. I look over at Niall, who is very close to finishing his plate. "Nialler, I'm going to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back." I say, and gently put my hand on his thigh, which makes him stop eating, and makes him blush. "Okay, hurry back." He grabs my hand and kisses it lightly.


I remember seeing the one of the bathrooms when coming to breakfast. I go in and look at myself in the mirror. My blonde hair looking surprisingly alright looking, but, I still have to take a shower soon. I just stand there and look at myself, I just can't wrap my head around the actual idea of being here with One Direction. It gives me the most amazing feeling in the world, like any Directioner would. I don't even have to use the bathroom, so after a little while, I'm done.

I step out of the bathroom door, and as soon as I do, I am grabbed from behind quickly, and kissed on the neck. I immediately think it is Niall. I groan in pleasure. "Mmm, Nialler, you scared me. I didn't know who you were!" I am turned around, and kissed passionately on the lips. My eyes are closed, just enjoying the moment. He breaks apart in mid kiss, and whispers softly against my lips. "I'm not Niall." He goes back to kissing me, and I kiss back. He runs his hand down my back, then to my butt. Gently grabbing it. His lips go to my neck. Then I think.. Wait, it's not Niall! I pull apart, to see Zayn, drunk as Hell. "Zayn! You're drunk as f*ck. Get off." I say, furious. Most people wouldn't get mad if the gorgeous Zayn Malik kissed them passionately like that, but for some reason, I am. He gives me a weird look like you cannot be serious? Right? , "What? Do you not want me to touch you?" He says in shock. I give him a disgusted look. He puts his hands on my waist and pulls me in for another kiss. I break away. "No! I don't want you to touch me. I want Niall to touch me!" I don't really care what I'm saying at the point, Zayn has got me so mad I can't see straight. He tries to say something, but I smack him across the face and start to walk away. When I turn to go away, I see Niall standing in the middle of the hallway in shock.

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