Awaiting Destiny.

A girl who has been abused at home as well as school all of her life, gets the once in a lifetime chance to meet the fabulous One Direction! She wins a date with a boy of her choice, and we all know that picking between them is SUPER hard, but Niall has a little "surprise" for her. Who will she choose? Read and find out!


10. This is Why I Love You.


*Later that same day*

Niall will have to want me one way or another. I think to myself, staring blankly at the ceiling. From the sound of it, Niall is downstairs playing a video game. I can hear him yelling curse words and throwing the controller. "Take that bitch!" , "Oh, fuck! I'm out of ammo." , "Shit, shit, shit, how the Hell does anyone pass this fucking thing?!" I laugh at the sound of my frustrated boyfriend. I guess you can call him my boyfriend, I mean what else would you call us?

What  to do? What to do? I look over at my pile of clothes and  see a pair of red lacy see through panties peeping through the stack of clothes and I get an idea. I go over to the pile and grab the panties and go over to Niall's clothes and grab a white shirt with some sort of symbol on it that I have no clue what means. I take off my shirt and put on his, and put on the panties. I know he loves it when I wear his clothes and I know he loves red underwear on a girl. The shirt is short enough to wear at the slightest movement, it shows the panties, so that is a major plus. I start down the stairs in excitement.

"So Nialler what is on the agenda for tonight?" I ask as I jump and land upside down on the couch beside of Niall, letting the shirt flow up majorly revealing the underwear. I hear someone clear their throat and I assume it's him.  He's playing a game that looks like he's in some sort of battle. I wouldn't know anything about it, so I dismiss it. "Ermm, not sure. You wanna go anywhere, babe?" He says, his eyes still glued to the screen. I sigh. "I don't know, you know this place a lot better than I do." He nods, making me think that he is ignoring me. Hurt flows through me, but I still try.

I flip around on the couch until I am sitting the right way. The shirt is rode up to were it is still revealing some of the underwear, putting some confidence in me. "So Nialler, whatcha playing?" I say playfully. He squints his eyes as if to focus. "Umm, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2." He replies. I look at the screen. He is completely sucking at this, and he's getting a bit more frustrated. "So are you winning?" I ask, already knowing the answer. "Not really, I'm getting my ass kicked actually." he says sounding angry and disappointed. "Oh, surely you're not that bad." I say as I slide my hand up his upper thigh, super close to his crotch. He tenses. "Y-Yeah, I'm doing pretty b-" He looks over at me, seeing what I'm wearing. He smiles and clears his throat. Still smirking, he trys to focus his attention back to the game that he is sucking even worse now that he has a distraction.

"What is it Nialler? Distracted?" I say satisfied that he finally noticed. He bites his lip. "Ermm, you could say that." he says, still trying not to smile. I giggle. "Oh, come on, let's have a little fun, baby." I say, burying my  face in his neck, sucking on it. He shifts a little, not saying anything. I continue at his neck, stoping for a second, I look and a hickey has already started to form. I feel like such a slut. I think to myself. I turn my attention to his ear, and seductively nibble on it. "Babe, I love you to pieces, but please, please wait." I groan and stop. His game makes a weird sound, then shows him dead on the screen. He sighs and ruffles his hair, only making me want him more. He turns to look me straight in the eyes. He rests both of his hands on my thighs, not disconnecting the eye contact, and I feel I'm going to get a speech when,

"Dude! If you don't hit that, I will!" from the corner.  We both draw our attention to the voice. It's Josh. He must have been over there the entire time and not have said a word. Niall's face is flushed with anger. "Dude, get the fuck out! You're not touching her!" He says as he jumps up, pointing towards the door. "Niall, bro, calm down. You know I was onl-" Niall cut's him off. "Get out!" Josh lets out a grunting noise. "Fine." He grabs his jacket and leaves.

Niall sighs, and turns around, grabing my hand. I stand up and face him, feeling bad. "Belle, I'm so sorry things like this keep happening." He says, looking sad. "Niall, it's not your fault. If anyone's, it's mine." I say, shaking my head. His face goes expressionless, and he tilt'smy head down, and kisses my forehead gently. "Babe, you can't help it that you're gorgeous." he says, his forehead still connected to mine. "Why don't you go upstairs, find a good movie, and crawl in bed. And I'll be up there in a little bit and we can cuddle until we fall asleep. Sound good?" He says sweetly. He is so sweet and generous, and I just came down here wanting sex. Yep, I am a terrible person. I try to push those thoughts away from my mind. I nod, and kiss him. I love moments like these, just simply being with him would be enough for me. "You're amazing." I say, giving him one last meaningful kiss, and I go up the stairs and await a long night of cuddling with my loving boyfriend Niall.



Short, I know. But, I thought it was sweet.♥

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