Awaiting Destiny.

A girl who has been abused at home as well as school all of her life, gets the once in a lifetime chance to meet the fabulous One Direction! She wins a date with a boy of her choice, and we all know that picking between them is SUPER hard, but Niall has a little "surprise" for her. Who will she choose? Read and find out!


6. Roller coasters.

The car ride is filled with laughter and jokes. When we weren't laughing, I was looking at the sights. The scenery here in the UK is simpley breath taking. I would kill to live here. I envy the ones who get to look at these amazing sights 24/7.

"Liking the sights?" Niall says with a grin. I look over at his beautiful face. His blonde hair perfectly in place, without even trying. His eyes the most gorgeous blue, you will ever see. Facial features, perfect. Body sculpted like a God. Not too buff, not too whimpy, perfect. The light coming in from the car window just gives him an aurora that makes me melt. He makes me melt anyway, but he is truly an amazing looking human being.

Niall must notice me staring at him, because he blushes, and smiles. Even his smile sends butterflies though me.

"The whole place here is gorgeous." I look back out the passenger window. "It must be amazing to live here." He ruffles the back of his hair with one hand, the other on the steering wheel. "Yeah, it's pretty cool, but I miss my home. Ireland." Always being away from home, must be rough for him. I wouldn't know that since I have never loved being home my entire life. I don't know what to say. "I'm Irish too, partly anyway." I finally say. I hope he doesn't think I am lying. I really am Irish, I just didn't know what to say. "Really?! That's so cool! You're definitely a keeper!" Niall says excitedly. My heartbeat soars.

"So, Niall, where are you taking me?" I say, we've been driving for a little while. He raises an eyebrow, and looks at me from the side. "Hmm, looks like we're here!" I give him a confused face, then look around. Outside the car, was a huge amusement park. Tons of rollercoasters, and thrill rides. My mouth drops. I've always wanted to go to ride a rollercoaster! "Close your mouth, you're letting in a draft." Niall says with a laugh. "Come on, let's go ride us a roller coaster."

I hug Niall tightly as we get in line. "I've always wanted to ride a rollercoaster!" I say happily. Niall squeezes tighter, let's go, and grabs both of my hands, looking me in the eyes. "Well, your wish has finally come true." Still looking me in the eyes, he lifts both my hands to his mouth, kissing them lightly. He's such a gentleman. I blush like crazy. He smiles, looks down, and frowns. "Oh my gosh, how did I not notice that you had that on your leg earlier?!" He says sadly. "What did you do?!" I get embarrassed, and bite my lip. "Ermm, when I heard people talking about how I won the contest at school, I ran home when school was over at full speed. I tripped, making my ankle go completely sideways, causing me to fall and hit my head and scratch up my legs. I had to doctor myself." Niall cringed the entire time I was talking. "Babe, I'm so sorry! That must have hurt like Hell! Is your head okay? Let me see." He gently grabs my head, leaning it down towards him. The scratches were on the right ride, not that noticable, but noticable. He makes a frowny face and kisses it softly, waiting a second and kissing it again. "There, Nialler will make it all better." He looks at me with puppy dog eyes, and we stare at each other for a minute, that feels like a lifetime. When we are interupted. The lady at the desk looks up at us. "Next."

We walk though the gates, Niall is holding my hand, our tickets in the other. We both look around at all of the amazing rides to ride. The place isn't really that crowded, surprisingly. I see parents and their little ones. Them all just trying to calm the kids down. Couples walking around holing hands like me and Niall. I also see lonely looking people, wandering around like lost puppy dogs.

"Sooo, where to first, Babe?" Niall says. I sigh in thought. "Umm." I pause and see a huge roller coaster. "Ohh! That one, Nialler!" He smiles and guides me though the crowd to the beast of a roller coaster.

The line was short, thankfully and we got through it fast. The next thing I know, me and Niall are sitting down in the cart. "Front row, baby." I say, I am so pumped. Niall swallows. He has a bit of worry in his eyes. "Yeah, front row." he says. I feel bad now. I feel like I pressured him into something he wasn't ready for. "Niall, sweetie, if you don't want to do this.." He cuts me off. "No, I want to do this, I have to." I shake my head. "Silly head, you don't have to do anything you don't want to, do you hear me?" He nods. I yell for the guy to come and let us out when he stops me. "No, I want to trust me, just.. hold my hand?" He says ashamed. I smile, reassuring him. "Of course."

The cart starts to move up, and his grip on my hand tightens. "It's going to be okay, nothing is going to happen. This is going to be fun, I promise you!." He looks over at me. "Can I have a kiss for good luck?" He smiles, looking more confident. I nod and kiss his cheek. "I'm perfect now." He grins.

We come to the first hump, and we are stopped at the top for about two seconds. We both take in a big breath and wait for the screaming. We move forward, flying down the rails. And everyone in the carts scream bloody murder. Everyone is banged around, and hands are thrown up in the air. All of my adrineline is pumping through my body, and we come to the first loop. I look over at Niall who is smiling and screaming with everyone else. I am so glad that he is enjoying himself. We go through the loop at full speed, which is the most amazing feeling ever. My hair is flowing all over the place, I wish I would have put it in a ponytail. After that loop, there are two more, then some turns, inclines, declines, and more loops. This is so fun!

We come to a halt, and everyone jolts forward. I can tell from the feeling of it, that my hair looks a mess. But, after all of that, I don't care. Me and Niall get out, and I look over at him. "Oh my gosh, Nialler, look at your hair!" I laugh and smile. His hair is all over the place, and is in all different directions. Somehow, the still gorgeous Niall Horan still can pull off even the messiest of hairstyles. He gives me a weird look and smiles. "Look at me? Look at you! Your hair is hilarious. You should see it!" He teases. "Yet, you still look pretty." He adds, making me blush. I smile, "Here let me fix you." I try to fix his hair, and he attempts to fix mine.

The rest of the day is filled with rides, screams, snacking, and more rides. And finally at the end of the day, we go to the ferris wheel to get a gorgeous look at the sunset. The bucket that we get in is blue, his favorite color. The seats in it is surprisingly comfortable, and we get situated. I sit down, and Niall sit down beside me, puts his arm around me, and we lean on the side. I sigh. "Today has been amazing, Niall. I have never had this much fun in my entire life. Thank you." He gives a little smile and sits there in silence for a second, almost looking proud and baffled at the same time. "I am so glad that you had fun Annabelle. Today was amazing for me too. I wouldn't have wanted to spend it with anyone else." My head is on his shoulder, so I have to look kind of up at him. I look into his beautiful blue eyes, and he leans in. There is nothing to interrupt us this time, so we kiss. This is my first kiss that I have ever had. His lips are soft and his breath is cool on my mine. He gentlely puts his hand on my face. And we just kiss.. Until we hear someone clear their throat. "Sir, madam, next passenger."

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