Awaiting Destiny.

A girl who has been abused at home as well as school all of her life, gets the once in a lifetime chance to meet the fabulous One Direction! She wins a date with a boy of her choice, and we all know that picking between them is SUPER hard, but Niall has a little "surprise" for her. Who will she choose? Read and find out!


4. Just a Plane Ticket Away.

My chest is pounding. My foot is killing me. I desperately need to go to the hospital. But, I know I can't. I can't risk missing this flight.

My dad is here, right beside of me, keeping a fast pace. It's still hard to understand that my dad is actually there for me now. The feelingss of actually having a family member, is still setting in. He is saying incouraging words. "You can make it." , "You can do it." , "Only a little bit farther." , is all I hear. This brings both a smile, and a tear to my eye.

We finally get to the gate. I hug my dad like I have never hugged him before, because now; now I actually have someone to miss while I am gone. Before, I couldn't care less if I never saw any of the people I know again.

The long stretching hallway to get to the plane seems to last a lifetime, when finally I'm on. I find my seat, only after about 5 minutes of looking with a very nice flight attendant. My other leg is throbbing, from so much force on it. I feel like I just ran a marathon, sort of anyway. It feels good just to sit down for a while. A long while. The plane ride is around about 10 hours, more or less. So I am definitely going to be here a while.

I get butterflies all through my body everytime I remember Niall talking about the surprise. I can't wait to finally meet him. Every Directioner dreams of meeting the boys, but to have one of them want to give you a surprise? That is beyond a girls wildest dreams.

Between regular cabin check ups, and random noises on the plane, it is a bit difficult to sleep. But, amazingly, the food tastes good. A step up from what I have gotten at the house. And I don't even want to look at another McDonald's meal ever again, so I eat with ease. The service is also very nice, always wanting to know if everything is okay, and if there is anything that they can do to make your plane ride better.

There is an elderly couple in front of me, a foreign man guy beside of me, and a woman and her son behind me. The elderly couple don't serve as a problem, but the only thing they talk about is the "good ole' days." and how much they wish their son Chester would have gone to law school and do something productive. The foreign man, asian I believe, is snoring beyond compare. To top it all off, the kid behind me is constantly tugging and pulling on my hair, and telling me I am pretty. This boy clearly hasn't seen other girls. But, I smile, even though the little brat is very annoying. His mother is completely oblivious to the situation and looks depressed. If I had to deal with this little one24/7, I think I would go out of my mind too.

After a while, the little boy quit, and the ride passed by very slowly. I have a window seat, so the view is astonishing. I have always thought that I have been afraid of heights all of my life, but now that I have actually been really high up in the air, I'm not scared at all. This is actually one of the coolest sights I have ever seen.

The air is freezing cold as I step off of the plane, I can even see my breath. A shiver runs all through me. I remember, when I entered the contest, that it said there would be a limo driver to drive me to meet them. I quickly search for a person holding up a sign that says "Annabelle Rose." I see nothing. But, after a while of panicking, I finally see him. He is an old man. Around the late fifties. He had on the classic, 'limo driver' uniform that you would see in old time movies. He smiled as I approched him. "Miss Annabelle?" He says in a questioning tone. I've only seen people in movies get their own driver, this makes me take a moment to take it all in. "Y-Yes." I pause. "I'm Annabelle, nice to meet you." I say with a smile. "Well, you seem like a very nice young lady. But, it would be to your best intrest if you hurry. Master Horan is desperately waiting to see you."


As you can imagine, the ride there feels as if it takes a million years to get there. It consists of silence, considering it's a limo in all. But, the town is gorgeous. I have always wanted to go to the UK. I have always thought it was beautiful.

When I was little, I would always go outside and try to convince as many people as possible that I was British. I must have had a very good accent, because people actually believed me. Which tickled me to death at the time.

The driver pulls up to the house; or should I say mansion. It is gorgeous. I would kill to live in such a beautiful home. It's made of brick, recently built by the looks of it. The shutters are all red, adding a cozy feeling to the enormous house. There are decorative flowers and exotic plants planted creatively across the place. The driveway, also made of brick, but more of a tan or cream color. "Do you like it?" The driver says expectantly. I give a little laugh and say "Like?" I pause. "I love it. It's so beautiful." The can comes to a halt. "Okay Miss Rose, you may get out now. I assume Niall is at the edge of his seat, expecting you." Then I remember. Niall. How could I forget? I thank him, and get out of the car. The air is much colder now. But, I am too focused to care. I limp up to the door. I take a deep breath and stand there for a minute. I'm about to meet the most amazing human being ever. He can't wait to see me, and he had a surprise. You have to make an impression. Obviously I already have.

I'm getting ready to knock on the door when it opens; exposing a beautiful blonde haired boy. His facial features, perfect. His eyes, as beautiful as the ocean. Body sculpted by angels. He is so gorgeous. He is wearing a plain grey T-shirt, with tight fitting jeans. He is so breath taking, I have to catch my breath.

"Annabelle." He says with a a big smile. He hugs me as if I were a long lost friend. He burries his head in my neck just like everyone says. And I get a feeling that I have never felt in my entire life. Love.

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