Awaiting Destiny.

A girl who has been abused at home as well as school all of her life, gets the once in a lifetime chance to meet the fabulous One Direction! She wins a date with a boy of her choice, and we all know that picking between them is SUPER hard, but Niall has a little "surprise" for her. Who will she choose? Read and find out!


3. Completely Different Life.

I wake up, praising the Lord that it's Saturday, and look at the alarm clock. It's 7:49. Why in the world would I wake up this early, on a Saturday, of all days. I usually wake up at like twelve or one o'clock. I raise up and rub my eyes. I shake my head, trying to wake up, and look over at the ticket. I grab it and examine it. The plane leaves tomorrow, at 7:00 am sharp. I smile. I still cannot believe that this is all actually happening. I close my eyes and go through all of the possibilites of what is going to happen. He could love me in person, as much as he admires me not even knowing me, or he could hate me. That thought gives me a little shiver up my spine.

I guess I fell asleep, but only for about 30 minutes, because the phone rings. No one ever calls. Who could it be?

I answer. "Hello?" I say. "A-Annabelle, is that you?" The voice on the other end is a boy, from the sound of it, in their late teens. And with an extremely sexy voice. "Yes.. Who is this?" Because, I know I don't know any guys that would willingly call my house. "T-This is Niall. Niall Horan." He paused. "I wanted to call you and make sure you got the letter, and mostly to make sure that you're okay." I smile. Niall freaking Horan wants to know if I'm okay. "Uhm.. Yeah, right now, I'm amazing actually. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me." I blurt out. "Now if only my dad will stay asleep until I leave, this would be perfect." He gives a little sigh, sounding a but worried. "Yeah, your entry said you had family problems. I would ask, but I doubt you would like to share.. But, uh.. Did the letter mention anything about a.. surprise?" He says. My heartbeat soars. "Y-Yeah, i-it did. Might I ask what this surprise is?" I barely choke out over all of the excitement. He laughs. "It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, now would it?" I let out a noise between a sqeak and a laugh. Clearly embarrassed by the sound, I say "I guess it wouldn't."

We go on talking for about an hour, talking about my family, my mom. How everyday of my life is a living Hell. And he just listens. I've never, ever in my life had soemone I can just tell anything to. So this, meant a lot to me. He asks how he can help, and he says he is so sorry that I have to go through this stuff every day of my life.

"Well, babe, when we finally meet, you don't have to worry about a single thing. Nialler will be here for you." He continues. "Girls as amazing as you need to be treated like a princess. And I will make you feel like you've never felt before." This sends butterflies all through my body. "I can't wait to see you, Niall." "I can't wait to see you either, Annabelle." And he hangs up the phone.

I wanted to say I love you, but I knew I would sound just like any other random fangirl. I sigh, with happiness. It's about 9 o'clock now. I put on some warm clothes. The house is oddly cold this morning. I jump out of bed, and quickly fall to the ground. I almost forgot about my foot. I wince. It is now throbbing with pain. "Yep, definitely broken." I choke out. I raise myself up carefully and grab the crutches.

I go downstairs, praying that my dad has not woken up yet. And just my luck, he is sitting at the kitchen table, staring blankly at the ground. He looks up at me and he smiles. I brace for the worse. His smile dissipates when he sees my foot. He jumps up. "Oh my gosh! Honey! What happened?" I literally have no clue where this came from. My dad has never, in his entire life been so concerned. I am completely dumbfounded. "Umm, I fell on my way home yesterday." I really don't know how to react to my dad being nice. It's weird. "Well, aren't you a smart one, bandaging yourself up like that. I'm proud." Okay this is just too weird for me to handle. I have to say it. "Dad.. Not to sound mean or anything.. But umm.. What in the world is wrong with you?" He sighs. "It took me a long time to realize how awful I was. But now, now I'm a changed man." I shake my head in disbelief. "I saw that you got your contest papers out of the mail box! You must be so excited! When are you leaving?" We go on and on for a while. It's the strangest thing, because I've never actually had a father before. I never considered him to be my dad. Just a person that I sadly, have to live with until I can move out. He has never shown any sign of an actual human being living in that shell of a man.

What in the world is going on here? I mean, I win a contest to meet One Direction, and my dad turns into a real person? What the Hell? I'm not complaining or anything, I'm just saying. If you was in my shoes, you would feel the same way. It's crazy, really.

We talked for what seemed to be hours. But, I had to go pack my bags for the most amazing trip tomorrow. My dresser, or course contained nothing pretty, and barely anything decent. Maybe since my dad is now a decent person, he will buy me some 'okay' looking clothes. I pack my tooth brush, allergy medicine, make up, hair brush, some socks, clothes of course, and some other stuff. I bought some lingerie a while back. I never thought it would ever go useful, until now. I, like every other Directioner has, of course I have imagined sex with the amazing Niall Horan. I imagine him being this amazing sex god. I let out a longing sigh.

I think I have everything ready to go. God knows, I am ready to go. I don't have that much, so it really wasn't that hard to gather the essentials. I have all of my things in a pile on the floor, I surely don't want to loose anything. I sit down on the bed and just think for a while. I would really love to call someone and tell them everything that is going on, but I have no one. I'm not normal. I could go downstairs and talk to my dad, but I don't think that he would love to hear me go on and on about how I think that Niall is a sex god. So, I just write in my diary. For a while, I stopped writing in it. Only because I was tired of writing of how sad and depressing my life is. Now, I actually have something eventful to write about. I write for about 30 to 45 minutes, when I figure I should go to bed, considering the fact that I have to get up super early. I change into my pajamas and into some warm fuzzy socks, because again, it is really cold all through the house. Well.. sock I can't really fit the other sock over the foot brace, so it will just have to freeze, because I am just too lazy to take it off and fix it. And I lay down, covering about 3 covers over my freezing body, and fall asleep pretty fast.

I have delightful dreams. Dreams of Niall, and One Direction. Dreams of my dad actually being loving and caring, and my mom. I dream that I had gotten an extra ticket, and my mother was still alive. I take her on the trip with me. She is beautiful. Far more beautiful than I could ever imagine being. I have no clue where I got my looks because I look absolutely nothing like her. I look pretty, in my eyes anyway, to many others, I look revolting apparently.

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