Awaiting Destiny.

A girl who has been abused at home as well as school all of her life, gets the once in a lifetime chance to meet the fabulous One Direction! She wins a date with a boy of her choice, and we all know that picking between them is SUPER hard, but Niall has a little "surprise" for her. Who will she choose? Read and find out!


8. Awkward Complications.



*NIALL'S POV.*   I wake up to find Annabelle crawling under the covers and her beautiful face meeting mine. Her blue eyes shining like the ocean in the morning. People say that I have gorgeous eyes, clearly they haven't seen hers.   She moans. "Good Morning, sexy." She wraps her arms around me, laying me on my back, and sitting on top of me. I smile, "Good morning, beautiful." I haven't known this girl for two days, and I already feel like I am falling in love with her. I don't know how she feels for sure, because all of this could just be an act. I don't want to tell her how I feel yet, so I don't scare her away.   She gives me a wink, and bites her lip. I love it when she does that. She even does it when she is nervous, trust me I have noticed. She leans down and kisses me. This time, she bites my lip, gently of course. This turns me on. She giggles and starts kissing my cheek, then down to my neck. I never sleep with a shirt on, so I am shirtless. She runs her hand down from my cheek, shoulders, then tracing my chest. Her lips then go down farther, and farther. Now, she is at my lower stomach. I moan in pleasure.   Annabelle continues kissing my lower stomach while unbuttoning my pants. I hate to say it but, I really don't want to ruin anything. I have to stutter to get the words out. "A-Annabelle, I-I don't think th..." She seductively comes up to my face again, kissing me passionately  "Shhhh." She puts her finger to my lips. "No talking." she says, giving me a wink. She trails her lips back down my body, and continues fiddling with my pants.   Taking it out, she moans. Her breath even gives me goosebumps. She says "You ready to have the best blowjob of your life?" She doesn't even give me time to answer when she...   I wake up, heartbeat racing, and I jolt up in the bed. Only a dream. An amazing, wonderful dream. "Dammit." I say out loud. Why couldn't that be real? I sigh and sit there for a few minutes, just wishing that that wasn't all just a dream. I get up, throw on some comfortable clothes, and walk across the hall to her door. I don't hear anything, besides little snoring. Which is so adorable! I stand there for a while, just listening to her cute snoring when Liam and Louis come over to see what I am doing. "Creeping on our house guest already I see?" Louis says with a smirk. I am obviously embarrassed and I blush. "Ermm, i-it's not like that, it's just.. I like her a lot, I haven't met any other girl like her before. But.. I can't tell her, not yet anyway." I say, hoping she hasn't gotten up yet, and I am reassured by her snoring. "Niall, you haven't even known her for two days, calm down." Liam says concerned. I shake my head. " I know what I'm doing, guys." I pause. "Promise."   We whisper back and forth for a few minutes when we hear something on te other side of the door. She's awake. I know it. We all lean against her door to see if we can hear anything. I hear little shuffling. Then silence. She must have just shifted around in her bed. "She must have gone back to sleep Louis whispers. As soon as he says that the door flies open and we all land on the floor.   We start cussing, and laughing. I start laughing then remember that we were leaning on her door, and now I am embarrassed. She bursts out laughing. "Oh my gosh, guys you stalkers!" she yells. I hope she is joking around. But, it is true, we were kinda stalking.. I jump up and try to play it cool. "Just curious if you were awake yet, Belle." I am so embarrassed.   Liam and Lous give me a look like let's do this. And we all burst out singing "C'Mon C'Mon" in a morning version. She seems amused and happy. Thank the Lord, she isn't mad about us at her door. We all go downstairs to eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day. But, I don't know, every meal is pretty important to me.    "When we get down there, she looks dazed by the food. Meanwhile, I am mesmerized by her. Being surrounded by food, you would think that I would be mesmerized by the food, but no. Her beautiful blonde wavy hair falling past her shoulders. Blue green eyes shining perfectly in the lighting. She's wearing a tank top, a pair of sweatpants, and one shoe of a pair of uggs, because her other foot has the brace.   I am distracted from her beauty when Louis says  "Well, stop drooling, and get you something to eat, Bella." She instantly comes back to reality and says, "don't mind if I do."   We line all line up to get some food, and I notice that she is putting a pretty good lot of food on her plate. No one can ever get as much food as me.. right? I have to get more food than her to keep my reputation. I know that she notices that I am actually trying to get more food that her by the look on her face.   "Well, Niall, looks like you two have got more in common than you thought. She has definitely got your appetite. She might even eat more than you." Liam says with a laugh. Which makes me laugh. "Ohhh, I don't know about that." I say giving her a smiles and a wink. After saying that I notice I made that sound a bit more perverted than intended, but eh oh well.   We sit down and I look at her plate and she looks at mine. I give her a challenging look and she gives me the same,  and we start eating. Liam and Louis start talking, me and Annabelle are too busy stuffing our faces with delicious food. "I don't care! Don't take her back. After that, she don't deserve it!" Louis yells. Liam shakes his head and takes both his hands and rubs his temples. "I don't give a shit Louie! I fucking love her." Liam says. They of course are talking about Danielle. "Okay,  just give it some time okay? You don't want to rush into things. Just, remember what she did to you." Louis says hopefully. "I know, I know. I'll wait and see." Liam says. "She's still a bitch though." Louis adds. Which makes Liam mad. They are yelling at each other, and Annabelle and I are just sitting here.   They are still arguing when we hear  "Everybody shut the fuck up. Okay? Good." Harry walks in the room. Zayn trailing behind him. They are both clearly drunk and hungover. It's awkward silence as Harry and Zayn grab a plate to eat. When they sit, it's still silent. "Well, don't let us ruin the fun." Zayn says, "Besides all of the fucking arguing. Continue." No one talks. "So, this food is really good, wouldn't you say so, Nialler?" Annabelle decides to break the ice. I nod and smile with food still in my mouth, making Belle and Lou and laugh. The others, too serious to care.   Breakfast continues and there is little conversation between all of us. After a little while, Belle says "Nialler, I'm going to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back." and puts her hand on my upper thigh. I almost choke because this surprises me. It sends chills all the way through my body. I blush and manage to stutter out, "Okay, hurry back." And I want to be a gentleman and decide to kiss her hand lightly. She smiles and leaves the room.   After a while, Zayn says, "So, you fucked her yet?"  I give him a look like you're fucking kidding me.  "Umm, no jackass. Not yet. Where the fuck did that come from? Jealous much?" I say. He gives me a pissed looked. "No, cunt, just wondering." He says and storms off.   I think that he like her, I mean who wouldn't, but they all know that I like her. They all know that I liked her even before I met her. Then I remember that Zayn is drunk as Hell. I sit there for a little while and just think. Liam and Louis are still arguing, but not as bad as before because every time they get too loud Harry yells at the to shut up. Besides that, Harry was sullen.   I notice that Annabelle and Zayn has been gone for a little while. I decide to get up and go look for them. As I go through the house and get to the hallway, I hear, "Mmm, Nialler, I didn't know who you were!" I stop and I know that it's Annabelle. I mean who else could it be? I hear shuffling and look around the corner to see Zayn and Annabelle kissing passionately  Anger instantly flows through me. They continue to kiss, and I can barely hear Zayn say "I'm not Niall." seductively. I want to run over there and beat the Hell out of him, but for some reason, my feet are glued to the floor.   I want to look away, but sadly, I can't do that either. I have to know what they do, to know why I am going to kill him later. He starts running his hand down her back, to her butt and his lips move to her neck. Now I am jealous beyond compare. I am about to run over there and tackle him when Annabelle makes him stop. "Zayn! You're drunk as fuck. Get off." She says, making me feel better. Zayn gives her a weird look. "What? Do you not want me to touch you?" He says, making me tense up again. He is one of my best friends, and he knows I like her.. a lot. Why wou...He's drunk. Oh yeah.  Annabelle looks pissed and I hear. "No! I don't want you to touch me. I want Niall to touch me!" I freeze. What did I just hear? What do I do? Did she just say she wants me to touch her? Excitement and mixed emotions run through me. She turns to walk away and she sees me. I instantly run up to her.       *ANNABELLE'S POV*   I can't believe Niall just heard that. He looks confused, sad, and mad. He runs up to me. "Really?" Niall says in a breathy tone and puppy dog eyes. I look up at him. I can't be anything but honest here. I smile. "Of course I do. I don't want Zayn, Harry, Liam, Lou." I sigh. "You're the one I want Niall." I finish. He gives me a look like, this cannot be happening.   He puts his hand on my cheek and rests his head on mine. "I want you too." He says in almost a desperate whisper. We stand there just staring into each others eyes for a minute, just enjoying each others company and he crushes his lips into mine. This kiss isn't like the one on the ferris wheel. This one feels like it has more meaning. He puts his other hand on my lower waist and everything is perfect.   He pulls back, letting us breathe and rests his head on mine again. "I just have to take care of one thing." He says in a low tone. He gives me one more peck on the lips and turns to Zayn who is quietly trying to creep away. He is halfway down the hallway so he jogs up to him. He grabs his right arm and pins it behind his back and slams his face and chest in the wall, knocking all of the breath out of him.   "Okay, you're like a brother to me, Zayn. You really are. You knew from the beginning that I liked her, a lot." He strains his arm upward more, causing Zayn to wince and cry out a little. "I know you're drunk as fuck, so I'm going to spare you. This time. But, if I ever, ever, see you touch her like that again, you will fucking regret it." He is pissed, and it really shows. "Now, make sure that your drunk self tells your sober self that. And if you forget, it won't be my problem. Now go before I beat the shit out of you on the spot." Niall gives Zayn one last push into the wall and shoves him aside. He runs away instantly. I honestly did not know he had it in him.   Niall gives a long sigh and rubs the back of his head in frustration, like he always does. It's so adorable when he does. He turns around and gives a fake smirk, and walks towards me. "You okay?" I say concerned. He nods. I smile and say "Good, now come here my macho man." I give him a wink. I feel bad for Zayn, but I want Niall. He flashes me a seductive smile and gets closer.   He kisses me, softly this time, as if I was the most fragile thing in the world. He stops, and looks me in the eyes. "Do you remember when I told you..." he pauses, "That is was fate that we met?" I nod innocently. And he continues. "I wasn't kidding."

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