The House On Aurora Street

This is a horror/romance story!
This is about a girl called Maddy Jones who always gets into trouble at school, till one day Maddy and her newly found boyfriend Max go into a 'hounted house' and thats when things get scary
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3. troublemaker

I got my bag, I looked at my best mate Max Stephans and smiled at him. He smiled at me back and started laughing under his breath.

I followed Mrs Miles out of the classroom, I could tell by the serious face that she had that I was in trouble.

We arrived outside my head of years office - well to be honest it wasnt much of an office, more like a class or detention room.

"Go in" Mrs Miles said knocking the door. I smerked at her as I went into the room she shut the door behind me. My head of year, Mr Scott turned his head and looked at me.

"Maddy... Once again you're in my room, what do you  have to say about that?" He huffed. In me head i could only thinkn of the words 'Ha Ha Ha'

But obviously i couldn't say that - well I guess i could but I just couldn't be bothered to stand there listening to that idiot excuse for a teacher, and head of year all morning.

"Dunno" I said, "You...Don't....Know" He replied. I shrugged mt shoulders. "Don't you shrug your shoulders at me young lady" He said pointing his finger at me.

"Don't you point your finger at me sir.. you do know it's rude don't you sir or wern't you 'tought' that?" "Don't you try to be smart with me Maddy it doesn't suit you" Mr Scott said trying to act all hard, it wasnt working.

"Teaching and being head of year doesn't suit you" i said under my breath, "Pardon... What did you say?!" He yelled. "Nothing Sir" "Hmm" He huffed "anyway last night you hurt little Tim didn't you"

So thats what this was about.

"Why'd you do that to him?" "Dunno...Bit of fun" I chuckled. "A BIT OF FUN! you really hurt Tim, he has a broken nose and anckle and a lot of bruises!"

I sniggered, well thats the last time Tim would mess with me.

"THAT'S NOT FUNNY MADDY JONES! I have a good mind to suspend you or put you in isolation for a week or two but i'm not couse i'm a generous teacher....."

I laughed and he gave me an evil glare.

"I'm putting you on red report is that clear?" "Yep" "Pardon?" he said raising an eyebrow, "Yes Sir" i said gritting my teeth together.

"Good now go to your next class and oh heres your report"

I snatched the report book off Mr Scott, opened the door and slammed it behind me. I walked to science, it turned out I was 10 minutes late but i couldn't give a shit.


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