The House On Aurora Street

This is a horror/romance story!
This is about a girl called Maddy Jones who always gets into trouble at school, till one day Maddy and her newly found boyfriend Max go into a 'hounted house' and thats when things get scary
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2. normal day at school

It was on the 21st October 2008, my first lesson was maths. Boy I hated maths well apart from the boughs and geeks in the class. it was out teacher that made it so boring, Mr Richs was SO random, one minute he'd be talking to us about a equation or something and next he'd be like talking about his personal life.

"Oh, I remember the time when .... blah blah blah" he'd start off.

Mr Richs would blabber on and on and on about absolute rubbish, but I'd make the 'lesson' much more exiting by say putting a peice of blue tack on the teachers chair or throwing cewing gum and other puplis or even setting a fire cracker off!

It was so funnny because most people only expect boys to do someting like that but guess what, girls can be 'rebels' aswell. We aren't just good for cooking, cleaning and housework ect... we are who we are, we do what we want,

Half way through the lesson, Mrs Miles burst into the classroom. "Excuse me sir, for busting into your lesson like this..." she started, "Oh thats fine, what would you like?" our teacher replied. "Could i have Maddy Jones please?" "Maddy!" he yelled "go with miss please"

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