The House On Aurora Street

This is a horror/romance story!
This is about a girl called Maddy Jones who always gets into trouble at school, till one day Maddy and her newly found boyfriend Max go into a 'hounted house' and thats when things get scary
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1. Explaining me

I've always been facinated with monsters, freaks, werewolves, vampires ect.. I dont know why I just guess it must be in my geans or something. I always used to pull pranks on my friends and amaze them with my lastest trick, it used to always make me laugh.

I remember the time when a new kid came to the school, Mitchael his name was if my memory serves me well, I put a massive spider in his sandwhich. When he came to eat it he freaked out BIG time, I'd been pranking kids since I could remember, I'd spend hours upon hours planning what my next prank would be.

The thing is this is a story about my life, About how it ended, when you do something stupid it normally costs you..... My name is Maddy Jones and this is my story.

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