The House On Aurora Street

This is a horror/romance story!
This is about a girl called Maddy Jones who always gets into trouble at school, till one day Maddy and her newly found boyfriend Max go into a 'hounted house' and thats when things get scary
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4. boring old science

"Sorry I'm late I had to see Mr Scott" I said, "Yes so I've been told" Mr Willmott replied. "Here's my report" "A red report this time Maddy?" "Ha..yeah" I laughed, "Sit down" He orderd me.

I walked over to my seat, which was next to Max, "So what did Mr Scott say?" Max asked me, " know the usuall, 'Here you are once again in my room'" I whisperd. "Yeah? Lol" He smiled.

"I had to try not to laugh, I was forced to hold my breath for most of the talk" "That's probably what I would have had to do if it was me" Max giggled.

Science is quite good, we do experiments nearly every lesson. I always go in a group/pair with Max. "Get into your groups and pairs and put goggles and aprons on please" Mr Willmott used to say.

when I put my apron on I used to always get Max to tie up the lace, when he did it up he 'apparently' stare at my arse and once he'd finished he'd either tap it or pinch it, and i used to do the same, tap ir pinch it. We used to laugh and smile when we did that to each other, and to be honest i think some of the boys were a bit jealous...


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