You took my heart

Ella loves one direction! She has been supportive and loved them ever since. One day her dreams come true! Read this and find out what happens next.


2. Movie time and meeting the boys

Ella P.o.v

I wake up to the sun beaming in the room. I  get up and and go down stairs and see a note on the fridge ."Ella, i went on vacation with Molly. Bye loser and good luck eating slut (;" My eyes tear up but i shake it off. I check my phone and see a message from Niall.

 N- Good morning love (: How'd you sleep?

E- Good morning! and uhm.. not too well.. :\

N-Why! whats wrong!? Can i come over to talk?!

E- Uhm..sure my address is 7579 Hollywood rd.

N-I live like 10 minutes away i'll be there as soon and possible!! 

E- Okay see ya..

I run up stairs and run into my room. I go to the bathroom and wash my face. I fix my make up that made me loom like a dead raccoon. I put on black high waist shorts and a teal crop top. I quickly put on perfume as i hear the doorbell. I yell "Coming!" I open the door and i see Niall wearing sweatpants and a red shirt. Hes carrying a box of chocolates and two scary movies. "Come in" i try to fake smile. "Here, for you" he smiles. "Awwh thank you niall. You didn't have too." I wanted to" he smiled. "Whats that on your face!?!" he asks worriedly. "oh.. uhm i uh.. fell" i say. "That doesnt look like you feel!! That looks like someone hit you!!" niall says. I start to sob and niall pulls me close to him. "who did this love?" niall says. " M-my d-dad.." I start to sob even harder. " What!?!?" niall yells. "Shh niall please!!" i said. "Ella, love your living with me and i dont care. You are NOT living with your father." Niall says sternly. "Okay" i smile and kiss him on the cheek. "lets watch those movies now" nialls says smiling. We go to the living room and put the movie in. "Really? Mama? Oh god" i whisper. Niall laughs and smiles and pats the space next to him. The movie starts and i scream when the guy screams of pain. Nialls starts laughing uncontrollably and i playfully hit him on the arm. He pulls me close to him and we cuddle. I feel butterflies in my tummy. Oh god i think. Im falling for niall...  The movie finally finished and i see niall stare into my eyes and i blush. "Awwwwhh Ella-Bella is blushing" Niall yells playfully. I smile and say "I cant help it". Niall gets up and walks over to me and looks me in the eyes. He leans in and softly puts his lips on my lips. My lips move in sync with his lips and we kiss passionately. We finally stop and my cheeks turn cherry red. It just came to me!!!! I TOTALLY FORGOT HES IN ONE DIRECTION!?!?!?!?!?! My mouth drops and niall looks at me and laughs. "You okay love? he says. "I totally forgot!!! Your in one direction!!" i squeal. "Oh and by the way im a huge directioner" i giggle. Niall laughs and says " i was wondering if you knew and you do" I laugh and smile. "What time is it nialler" i say. "Its 7:00" he says shocked. "IT IS!?" i yell. "Arent we going to a club? i say."Yes go get ready. I'll ask the boys to get ready and come here so you can meet them and they'll bring me something to wear. "okay and hopefully i dont fangirl!!" i say worriedly. Niall just laughs and say "You wont"  

Nialls P.o.v

I take my phone and call Louis. (Niall-N, Louis- L)

N- Lou!

L- Yes ni?

N- Tell the boys to get ready and come over to ellas. Oh and bring me something good to wear.

L-Okay I'l text you when were on our way. 

N-Okay lou bye


*30 minutes later*

I get a text from Louis

L-where in our way whats her address?

N-7579 Hollywood rd and hurry! Its 7:30!!

L-Okay okay

I hear the a knock on the door and i get up and open it. "Hey boys" i say. "Sup or hey they said. "Ella the boys are here!!" i yell. "i'll be down in a little still curling my hair" i hear ella say. "So nialler what happened? Why did you leave the flat so quickly" liam asks. "oh.. uh something happened" i say. "spill" they all said. "i dont know if i can.. I'll tell her to explain." i say. "Ella come here." i yell.

Ella P.o.v

I run down the stairs and i look at niall. "Yes?' i ask. "OH MY GOD! ARE YOU OKAY??!! WHAT HAPPENED!!!?"  Liam yells worriedly. I start to tear up and Niall runs to my side which causes me to sob. "Im sorry.. I- i didnt mean to upset you Ella" liam says. "its fine..." i mumble. "my dad.. which is abusive towards me did this.." i say while crying. All the boys run to her side and comfort me "your living with us!!" all the boys say. I giggle. "Niall already said that.  "Im gonna finish getting read" i sniffle and head back up stairs. 

Nialls P.o.v

"catch mate" says louis. I grab the white shirt and black pants. I go to bathroom and change.

Ellas P.o.v

I put on my make up which was mascara,eye liner,eye shadow, and red lip gloss. I go to my closet and pick out a pencil skirt, teal crop top, and black heels. I take my black purse and head down stairs.

Harrys P.o.v 

Ella looked gorgeous. Just beautiful.. Oh no harry snap out of it.. I thought. I cant like her!

Nialls P.o.v 

When i saw her my mouth fell right open. She giggled and walked up to me and closed it. "You look gorgeous.." i said. Ella blushes and says "thank you". "Lets go" i say. We all walk out the door and go to the car.

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