You took my heart

Ella loves one direction! She has been supportive and loved them ever since. One day her dreams come true! Read this and find out what happens next.


3. Clubbing and fights

Ellas P.o.v 

We got to the club and it was called Zero Gravity. Niall took me by the hand and we all went inside.I smile.We walk to the tables and i look at Niall. "Im gonna go get some drinks" said niall. "okay" me and the boys said. "so ella what do you think about niall?" said Zayn and Louis. My cheeks turned bright red and i smiled. "He's sweet, amazing and really attractive" i said. All the boys laughed and i blushed again. Niall came back with the drinks and gave us our drinks. Niall sat by me, zayn and harry. It was really fun. "come on lets dance love" niall said. I got up and he grabbed my hand. I giggled and we got to the dance floor. Cyclone by baby bash started playing. Me and niall looked at each other and i bit my bottom lip. I started to grind on niall and he grabbed my waist and moved to the beat. The boys came by us and the were laughing and dancing with us. Harry kept looking at me and smirked. I just smiled and laughed. Niall was all over me and i really didn't mind. The song finished and teach me how to douggie came on. Oh little do the boys know i douggie amazing. I started to douggie and all the boys looked at me with their mouths hanging low. I laughed."Where did you learn to douggie like that!" niall yelled over the music. " I have my ways" i smirked. He just laughed. "Me and the boys will be right back." niall yelled over the music. "Okay!" i said. The boys left and a guy came up to me. "Heeeyy babeeeeee" he slurred. "Get away from me you creep" i said. "I wanna fuck you badly" he said. "NIALL!!!!" i screamed. Niall and the boys came running. "What the fuck are you doing you little twat" niall spat. "hitting on this slut." the guy said. Niall fists where clenched and all i saw was niall run up to the guy and punch him in the jaw. Niall got on top of him and beat the crap out of him. "NIALL!!!"i ran and pulled him off the guy. The guy was in the floor unconscious. Oh fuck i thought.


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