You took my heart

Ella loves one direction! She has been supportive and loved them ever since. One day her dreams come true! Read this and find out what happens next.


1. Beach at Sunset and What Happens at Home

Ella's P.o.v

'' Isn't she lovely isn't she wonderful. Isn't she precious'' I start to sing and play my guitar. "That's a really pretty tune a boy with an Irish accent said. " Oh.. ha Thanks" I said." I'm Niall" he smiled. "I'm Ella" I smiled. "well uhm i gotta go sorry i'll see you around" I said. '' Oh uh Bye love'' said Niall. "Oh and here", he takes out a piece of paper and rights something  down. "Text me sometime" He smiled. I blushed. "Okay will do" i said.

Niall P.o.v 

Her eyes was beautiful  I thought.  I start to walk to the house. " Hey mate" Harry said. " Hi" i smiled. "oohhh Niall met someone" Louis said. "I just bumped into a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice" I said. Ohhh!!! Niall's in love!! Louis shouted. "Shut up you jerk"! Niall shouted blushing. My phone rings. " Hey! Its Ella :)" i read. " she texted me" i smiled. (Niall= N, Ella=E)

Ella's P.o.v

I texted Niall. "Oh God i feel so desperate " i mumbled. He was so cute, his smile was adorable I thought. 

N-Hey love! xx (:

E- Whats up? :$

N- Talking to my mates (: and you?

E- singing and playing my guitar :D

N- Oh that nice (: you have a beautiful voice love (:

E- Oh stop you :$ thank you!

N- Well i gotta go love:'( My phones about to die. And I was wondering would you like to go out tomorrow night to the club with me and my mates? (:

E- Totally (: and Okay.. :\ See you tomorrow :$

N- I will pick you up at 9 (:

E- Okay bye niall :$

N-Bye love (: xx

Nialls P.o.v

Oh my god.. i thought. Shes flawless, beautiful! I smile at the thought of her. "Im gonna go to bed mates." They boys look at him. "Okay Nialler" they all say. I walk up the stairs go to my room by and close the door. I go to the bathroom brush my teeth. I close the door and take off my pant and shirt and go to my bed and unroll the covers. Ella i thought.

Ellas P.o.v

Niall's perfect i thought. Hes amazing. I cant wait until tomorrow night. My thoughts were interrupted by my dad walking in. "Who the fuck were you texting and why do you feel desperate!?" shouted my dad. " I- i- i w-was talking to my f-friend" i stuttered. "WHO!? he yelled and walks towards me. He smacked me across the face. He walks out the room and comes in with a belt. " N-n-no d-dad!! P-please S-STOP!" I screamed in pain. He pulled me out the room dragging me by the hair. He punched me straight in the jaw. I screamed in pain. "GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW!" he yelled. I ran up the stairs closed my door and just quickly stripped into my pajamas and went to bed crying myself to sleep. 


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