The silence

Its scary and a bit mean but i use some wow word in itand i dont allways write like this i hope you like it.


1. 1

Suddenly  reaching  over  the  finish  line, I  gazed  around   looking  anxiously   if  I  had  really  done  it and  I  had  I  really  had  I  was  a  winner .I slowly  turned  to  see the hole crowd  cheering at me I was amazing and to top it off my friend, well my best friend  was sitting there in the audience and she is popular and she tells people stuff which right now is a good thing because she can tell everyone what happened at the swimming race.

 On Saturday, after the race, I was at home doing some of my laundry and then while sorting my clothes into one pile I turned my head and scowled looking around I had just heard something strange. What was it? Was it a person or was it a creature i just thought my mind must be playing tricks on me and then again i heard the same loud creepy noise. It sounded like someone was creeping into my lonely hearted bedroom and then from the ceiling scarlet red blood dripped onto my slender body. I looked around again like I was insane

“Hello...who is there?”

“Mum it’s you isn’t it is it you answer me please”

“Harriet ...answer me this NOW”

“You know in the swimming race you won,


“Well you now have to prepare to die I wanted to win and you can’t live with that guild surely”

“What guilt”

“You know that you cheated and don’t lie to me mate”

I suddenly took a glimpse of a beady eye staring hazardly at me it was shiny and was blue it looked exactly like one of my friends (once again best friend)


She replied “it’s me Emilia your friend well not exactly I hate you your stupid, ugly and not popular.

She stepped out of the darkness in the corner and she had something behind her lither back .she showed her secret a sharp ,razor knife

“Arrrrrrrrrrrgh”I let out an earpeircing scream

Silence had approached. It was the end. What could she have done she was Gonne die one day wasn’t she.

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