Dimples and Blue Eyes

Brooke and Ashton have been best friends for 5 years which had felt like forever..What happens when they fall for each other? Find out what happens!(:
*One Direction and 5SOS are in this..but they are NOT famous!*
P.S: I know how it says it was published in December of 2012, but it wasn't. It was published February of 2014. This is a brand new fan-fiction for all of you Ashton lovers out there(:


7. That one wedding

"You look beautiful, Mom" I smiled at her on her wedding day in that flawless gown she was wearing. "I mean it, I am so happy to be here on the most important day of your life."

"Brooke, thank you. I can't tell you how blessed I am to have you here. Both of you" She looked over at Casey then back at me "I just want you to know that I love you both and I am so very proud to call you my daughters." She smiled at us but then Nick, Casey's boyfriend, walked in to tell us that everything's ready, and to go into position. 

We walked out of the room, and I met with the date Taylor had planned to walk me down the aisle before my mom came. I have to admit, I wish I was walking down with Ashton, but it didn't matter who I was walking with, because Ashton was my date. And Ashton knew that. I linked arms with the man who seemed to be a bit older than me, and we started down the aisle. I smiled at everyone in the room, looking so elegant. Then my eyes met with Ashton. I could see hurt in his eyes. I smile at him, and he smiled back but I could tell he was holding so much back. I then did something for Ashton. Well, I didn't really do anything, but I mouthed something. Those three words I will never regret saying. 

'I love you'

I didn't wait for his reaction or response. I turned my focus to where we were walking. The date and I went our separate ways and I stood next to Casey on the bride's side. Throughout the ceremony, I looked at Ashton. And he looked back. And when he would smile, I would smile. I expected and waited for a response from Ashton. Perhaps an ' I love you'  back? But I didn't get one. And to be honest, it didn't upset me. I was just proud to have finally come out and say it. Well, mouth it. 

I stood next to my mom and Taylor as I congratulated them. My eyes had wondered around till I met eyes with him. I smiled at his presence. I started to walk towards him, as he was standing with both hands in his pockets, watching me make my way over to him. He opened up his arms and I ran into them, hugging him tightly. 

"Hi dad." I smile into his shirt as I breath him in. 

"Hi sweetheart. I've missed you so much" He releases from the hug and smiles down at me. 

"I've missed you too. I am so sorry for not staying in touch, this college thing in New York has been tough." I reply

"Well how long will you be in town?" He looks at me hoping.

"Three more days I believe." 

He sighs loudly hoping I'd be here longer, but smiles that three days is better than one. "Would you like to come over tomorrow for brunch? Stacey and the girls have missed you."

"I would love to. Would you mind if I brought someone?" I smiled

"Is this someone the boy you were making eye contact today during the ceremony?" He raised his eyebrow, but still smiling.

I nod blushing. "Why aren't the girls here?"

"I just wanted to stop by for a bit. This is your mom's special day"

I smiled eyeing my mom "She looks beautiful" 

"And happy" my dad adds. 


"Would you care to dance?" Ashton stood up, reaching for my hand. 

I smiled at took it. We made our way to the middle of the dance floor as a slow song started to play. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and his arms around my waist. My head fit perfectly on his shoulder, and we swayed to the music. We stayed like this for awhile. I didn't want to release from his touch. But that moment ended, and Ashton spoke. 

"Did you mean it?" He asked talking about the time I mouthed those three words to him. 

I blushed and slightly nodded. "I did. I just wanted you to know the truth." I rest my head not expecting to hear anything in return. 

I felt Ashton kiss the top of my head "I love you Brooke."

I then smiled into his shirt and whispered back "Don't let go.." 

I could feel his grip getting tighter as he whispered back "I just caught you, I don't plan on letting go anytime soon."

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