Dimples and Blue Eyes

Brooke and Ashton have been best friends for 5 years which had felt like forever..What happens when they fall for each other? Find out what happens!(:
*One Direction and 5SOS are in this..but they are NOT famous!*
P.S: I know how it says it was published in December of 2012, but it wasn't. It was published February of 2014. This is a brand new fan-fiction for all of you Ashton lovers out there(:


3. That one movie night


my condo: 


After I put on my pajamas for movie night I sat on the couch waiting for Ash to show up. After a few minutes of waiting, there was a knock on my door. I walked over towards the door and opened it smiling knowing it was Ashton. 

"DIMPLES!" I yelled

"BLUE EYES!" He yelled back bringing me into a hug. When we pulled away I smirked at his pajamas.

"I still cannot believe you had to be batman." I referred to his batman onesie as I was clearly in the Robin onesie.

"Hey! I can't be Robin! That would mean Robin is older than Batman!" He said

I rolled my eyes "YOU ARE OLDER THAN ME BY 4 DAYS!" I screamed. 

He laughed back at me and sat down on the couch "What movies do you want to watch?"

I smirked back at him "You'll just have to wait!" and walked into the kitchen. I decided to watch the Jurassic Park trilogy since they are my are my absolute favorite, and I know how Ashton feels about suspenseful movies.

"Tell me!" He whines following me into the kitchen

"I will if you help me make some snacks!" I smile at him.

He smiles back at me and says he would. 

While we were making our pancakes, which I am the best at making, I had an idea to get the flour and dump it on Ashton. So I sneaked up behind him and poured flour all over him. He turned around with a funny but furious look on his face, and just then I knew I regretted doing what I had just done. 

"You'll pay for that love." He slowly starts walking towards me as I walk backwards, then I noticed he was holding a spatula with the pancake mix on it. My eyes widened and I gulped loudly. I came to a stop as my back was pressed up against the wall. He raised the pancake mix covered spatula and stopped right in front of my face. 

"Ash..please don't! I am sorry!" I tried slipping away from him, but it was too late! He smeared the mix all over my face. 

I gasped loudly then smirked at him. "Oh it is so on Dimples!" Ashton ran towards the kitchen table where the eggs were and I got another handful of flour. I ran over to him and blew the flour in his face while he cracked an egg on my head. I looked up at Ashton while he looked down at me and smiled. He smiled but his dimples were hidden behind the flour. I brushed away the flour were his dimples were so I could see them, and as I was doing so, Ashton's smile grew. 

"Hey Blue eyes" He whispered.

"Hi Dimples" I whispered back. He slowly started to lean down with his eyes closed. I looked at him for a moment, but then smiled meeting him half way, or lips touched. 

We released from the kiss and rested our foreheads on each other, and he smiled at me. "The boys asked me again today why you and I don't date.."

"The girls asked me that too. Emily thought we were." I replied back

"Why don't we?"

Oh my god..Was my best friend asking me to be his girlfriend!? What do I say!? Deep breaths Brooke. Take nice deep slow breaths..

"You tell me Ash."

"Brooke, I guess what I'm trying to say is that, I really like you. I mean I have for awhile. And I want you and I to be together. For real this time."

My heart starts beating even faster. 

"I like you to Ash" I smiled

He leaned back down and planted a kiss on my lips, but before I could kiss back, he released and left the kitchen...

"Ash?" I called out following him

"Come here!" He yelled from the couch. I sat down next to him and he opened up my laptop.

"What're you doing?" I asked as he logged on to Skype.

"Tell everyone to get on Skype." He smiled. 

I pulled out my phone and called Liam. 


"Hey Li, Ash wants everyone to get on Skype!"

"Alright, I'm with Soph Zayn and Perrie, we'll be on in a minute."

"Kay! See you soon!"


I hung up and told Ash what Li told me. 

"Okay," he responded "Louis and Eleanor are getting on."


After everyone logged onto Skype, Ash told everyone to quiet down so he could talk. 

"We have an announcement!" he yelled but smiling at the same time. 

"Ash..What are you doing?" I whispered.

"Shh," he said to me "Anyways, Brooke and I..We are..Man I don't know how to say this HA..I asked Brooke to be my girlfriend." He finally spit it out. 

"What!? Oh my god! Congratulations! That's wonderful! Finally! How did it happen?!" All kinds of comments were coming out of their mouths. 

Then I finally stepped in. "Ash and I got into a food fight..and it just, I don't know, it just happened!" Ashton pulled me into a hug and I hugged him back tightly. 

"Okay..wait a minute!" Perrie yelled "I wont believe it until I see it! Ashton, kiss her!"

"Wait what?" He pulled away. 

"Kiss her! Prove to us that you two are really a thing." Sophie then said. 

Ashton looked at me, grabbed my face, then kissed me passionately. I felt a bit uncomfortable kissing in front of our friends, but after a while, I was used to it. I kissed back and heard roars and whistles coming from the computer. We pulled away and smiled at each other than I rest my head on his shoulder. 

We then logged off of Skype and started the first Jurassic Park movie. 

This was probably the best night ever.<3









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