Dimples and Blue Eyes

Brooke and Ashton have been best friends for 5 years which had felt like forever..What happens when they fall for each other? Find out what happens!(:
*One Direction and 5SOS are in this..but they are NOT famous!*
P.S: I know how it says it was published in December of 2012, but it wasn't. It was published February of 2014. This is a brand new fan-fiction for all of you Ashton lovers out there(:


20. That girl he forgot

I laid my head down on the pillow and starred at the ceiling. I could not take my mind off of the girl with blue eyes. 

When I woke up the next day, there were people in the room. A lot of people I didn't even recognize. I sat up on my bed and starred at the 2 boys in the room. 

"Ashton! I cannot believe you're back!!" The boy with spiky black haired yelled running towards me, trying to hug me. I pulled away and starred at him. "Ash, its me! Michael!" He said, but I just starred at him. "Ash, I'm one of your best friends, you have to remember me!" 

"I'm sorry, but no." I replied. The boy backed away from my bed and stood next to the boy with black hair. 

The boy with black hair spoke, "Hey, Ash. Good to see you again. My name is Calum. You're other best friend." I gave Calum and Michael a faint smile. 

"Do you guys know who the girl in the photographs by the window is?" I asked and then the room door opened and revealed a girl. She lifted her head, which revealed her face that was covered in tears and her eyes were puffy. She must have been crying.

"That would be me" She spoke, and had the most beautiful voice. She was the girl with blue eyes. 

Calum had whispered something into the girls ear and she looked at him worried then looked back at me, and began to cry. "Ashton," Calum said "I would like to introduce you to Brooke Mason." She started to walk towards me and stuck her hand out so I could shake it. And once I did, I recognized her. She was the girl with blue eyes. 


I cannot tell you how much it hurt me to see him. To know that he didn't even know who I was, it just broke my heart. 

It was just Ashton and I in the room now. I was sitting on the foot of the hospital bed, and him sitting up across from me. He asked me who I was, so the boys left so I could tell him everything. And once the story had finished, I ended it with seven words. "You are the love of my life." 

I could tell by his face that he was about to cry. I could see the tears in his eyes. "I'm s-so s-s-sorry, but I-I-I don't r-rem-remember you. " 


*Sorry for the short chapter! I promise to make it twice as long in the next chapter!

Love you all!


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