Dimples and Blue Eyes

Brooke and Ashton have been best friends for 5 years which had felt like forever..What happens when they fall for each other? Find out what happens!(:
*One Direction and 5SOS are in this..but they are NOT famous!*
P.S: I know how it says it was published in December of 2012, but it wasn't. It was published February of 2014. This is a brand new fan-fiction for all of you Ashton lovers out there(:


22. That day he came home

Luke's POV

I told Ashton everything, and I had nothing more to say. He just looked at me blankly. I sighed for a moment, then got up from the chair that was set next to Ashton's bed. I headed for the door when I was interrupted. 

"Luke?-" He said. I turned around and raised my eyebrows at him. "I- I know that I don't remember anything, but you say you are my best friend and that I am yours, and as your 'Best Friend' I want you to promise me something."

I stepped closer to him and asked "What's that Ashton?"

"Never drink ever again." He smirked at me but that was it. He closed his eyes then fell asleep. I just stood there for a moment. Starring at him as he drifted away then I whispered. "I promise."

I started to walk down the hospital hallway, when Dr. Nelson, Ashton's doctor, had pulled me aside. "Son, I am glad to announce that Ashton will be able to leave tomorrow afternoon." He tolled me, and I nodded. The doctor started to walk away, but I interrupted his steps. 

"How long?" I said to him. The man in the long white lab coat turned to face me with a confused look on his face. 

"Excuse me?" He asked. "How long do you think it will last? His amnesia." I said to him. He stepped towards me and rested his hand on my shoulder. "Son, no one will ever know how long amnesia will last. It is a mysterious thing. I have patients who have had amnesia 6 years ago and still have it, but I also have patients that have had amnesia but had gained their memory back just a few months later. I am sorry son, but I don't have a clue how long." He said with sympathy in his voice. 

I nodded towards him. "Thank you, sir."


Brooke's POV

Luke had called me to tell me that it was okay to bring Ashton home today, and I should be the one to bring him home. I wore black leggings, a white t-shirt with 'The Ramones' printed in black. my hair was up in a messy bun, and my makeup was simple. 

At 10:45, I drove off to the hospital, and they had Ashton in a wheelchair in the lobby waiting for me. I smiled at him and he gave me slight smile. I signed him out of the hospital and started to wheel him to my car. He got up out if the chair and climbed into my car. 

"I hope you don't mind, but I thought I could drive you around to a few places that you used to go to, try and regain your memory, but first, I need to go pick up some things at my place. Is that okay?" I said focusing on the road, but I quickly turned my head. Ashton didn't respond. He just starred out of the car window. 

When we reached the condo complex, Ashton and I got out of the car and headed to my condo. I ran upstairs into my bedroom while Ashton stayed downstairs. I could hear him talking to Diesel.

"Hey, buddy. This dog is so awesome!" Ashed yelled. I started to walk down the stairs so I could see them. Ashton was on the couch and Diesel was laying next to him, with his head on Ashton's lap. 

"You bought him for me.." I sighed reaching the couch, kneeling next to Diesel. "I've wanted a dog like him ever since I was a little girl, and you got me one." I said as a tear had rolled down my face. 

"What is his name?" He asked. 

"Diesel," I told him. Ashton and I had just starred at each other for a moment. "Excuse me a moment." I said breaking the silence as another tear came streaming down my face, and then another. I got up from the couch and left into the kitchen. 

Ashton's POV

Brooke had more and more tears coming out of her blue eyes. She left off into the kitchen to make sure I couldn't hear her, but I could. She was talking to someone. On the phone I believe. 

It went something like this;

"What if he never remembers me? What if he is gone?" long pause "I can't make him fall in love with me again." Pause "Yes, I do want him back, I want him more than anything. I know I am only 21 years old, but he is the one for me. I know it. He was my happily ever after.." I could hear more and more sobbing coming from the kitchen. "I-" she stopped talking for awhile, then started up again. "No matter what happens, I will love him. I always will. I will stand by his side."

I wish it weren't so hard for her. I want to remember, I really do. But even without any memory of her, is it even possible to fall in love someone you met yesterday?

Because, the thought of the 'girl with the blue eyes' hasn't left my mind. 

I dreamed about her when I was in coma. 

I think I am in love with this girl. 


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