Dimples and Blue Eyes

Brooke and Ashton have been best friends for 5 years which had felt like forever..What happens when they fall for each other? Find out what happens!(:
*One Direction and 5SOS are in this..but they are NOT famous!*
P.S: I know how it says it was published in December of 2012, but it wasn't. It was published February of 2014. This is a brand new fan-fiction for all of you Ashton lovers out there(:


10. That day at the dad's

 The door opened and there stood the man I called dad. He smiled down at me and pulled me into a hug. After we released, his eyes meet with Ashton's and I could see the fear in his eyes. I grabbed Ashton's hand and squeezed it three times, and smiled up at him. He smiled back and then squeezed my hand back letting me know that he will be alright. 

 My dad reached his arm out and smiled shaking Ashton's hand. " You must be Ashton.  It's very nice to meet you son."

"It's nice to meet you Sir." Ashton said, letting go of my hand to shake my fathers. 

"Call me Derick, and this is my wife, Stacey, and our two little girls, Macy and Anna." He said pointing to the two 6 year old twins. 

Macy and Anna were extremely identical. The only difference between them is that Macy has brown hair down to her shoulders, Anna's hair is longer and past the shoulders. 

"And this little guy is Carson" Stacey said holding out a new born baby. 

I haven't met Carson yet, so this was my first time ever laying eyes on him. He had these big blue eyes, and in my opinion, he looks just like my dad. Or, his dad in this case. 

"Hi, buddy!" I said in a quiet voice, reaching my hands out to him. But before I could reach him all the way, a voice interrupted me. 

"Come on Brookie! Let's go play with my barbies!!" Anna yelled. 

I laughed as Macy had spoken. "No one wants to play with your barbies Anna. Lets play dinosaurs outside! You can be the mean one with claws like you do all the time." Macy tugged on my arm. That is why I like Macy. She is just like me when I was her age. I was never really into playing barbies or dressing up like princesses. I was more of the adventure type. While my sister was naming all of her stuffed animals, I was outside on our play-set or learning to ride on my bike. 

"all the time, huh?" Ashton smirked at me

"Girls," Derick said "Lets each brunch first, than we can all play."

"I don't know, I kind of want to see Brooke be a dinosaur.." Ashton chuckled, walking next to me, slightly slapping my butt. 

My eyes widened, hoping no one had seen. Thankfully, no one had. Well, at least I didn't think anyone did. No one said anything about it which was good, because I was already embarrassed about the whole 'playing dinosaurs with my 6 year old cousin' thing. 


"That was delicious, Stacey. Thank you so much" I smiled picking up the dishes from the table, helping out. 

"Yes, I appreciate you letting me join." Ashton smiled. 

"Why do you sound funny?" Anna asked Ashton. 

My dad, Stacey, Ashton and I laughed out hysterically. "Honey," I said to Anna "There's nothing wrong with his voice, Ashton isn't from America. He is from Australia which is far away from here, and in Australia, they have different voices than we do."

"What is Australia?" Macy looked at Ashton confused. 

Ashton smiled down at the girls and stood up next to them "Do you girls know what a kangaroo is? Those animals that hop around on their two feet, and they have a little pocket on their belly, where the baby kangaroo sleeps?"

Macy's face lit up "I have one! I have lots and lots of kangaroos in my bed." 

Ashton looked at me, and I nodded, indicating that Macy did have a lot of stuffed kangaroos. 

"Well, Macy, Kangaroos are also from Australia. That is where they come from." He smiled. Then Macy tugged on Ashton's arm, and pulled him towards her room. Macy grabbed a large kangaroo from her bed and showed it to Ashton. "This is my newest one. I haven't named him yet, and I decided what it should be."

"What?" Ashton smiled


"Awe" Ashton giggled that giggle I just love so much. "You don't have to do that"

"Every time I look at him, I will think of you. When I think of you, I will think of Australia" She said having a bit of trouble pronouncing the word 'Australia' 

My heart had melted. I turned to the doorway to see Stacey and my dad standing there smiling. I stood up and walked towards them, leaving the girls and Ashton in there to talk about Kangaroos. 

"I think Macy might steal Ashton from you" Stacey giggled

"I think I fell in love with him even more, seeing him like that. I've never seen him with kids before." I smiled up at them. "What do you think of him?"

"I really like him! He's a sweet boy." Stacey smiled "How did you two meet again?"

I smiled and sat them down to tell the story.

*4 years and 7 months ago*
"Harry! Brooke is here!" Anne yelled from the bottom of the stairs. 

A little boy with curly hair started running down the stairs screaming my name. "BRRRRROOOOOOKKKKIIIIEEEEEE-PPPOOOOOO!" i

I laughed at him as I picked him up into a hug. 

"Hi love" 

He hugged me back tightly and then I set him back down.

"Okay, my girlfriends and I will be back around 10:30ish. Food is in the fridge, and phone num-"

"Go Anne! I know everything! Phone numbers, food, bedtime, I know it all" I smile and she smiled back at me 

"Have a good time!" She said as she started out the door and then stopped in her tracks. "Wait, one more thing. Harry's brother might be home later. So if you hear something in the house, please don't grab the bat and kill my son thinking it was a robber." 

I laugh at her comment then wave to her goodbye. 

"What do you want to do?" I looked at him "Shall we make some dinner?" I said walking towards the kitchen

"YEAH! Do you have the one stuff you brought from America?" He looked at me with hope in his eyes. 

I reached for my bag, and pulled out two boxes of toy story shaped macaroni and cheese. 

"I have another surprise for you Harry" I smirked at him as he jumped up and down. "I talked to your mom, and she said I could-"

"HELLO?!" a voice said throughout the house.

Harry looked at me, wanting to finish what I was telling him, but I walked out of the kitchen to see 4 boys standing by the door, walking over to the stairs. 

"Hello, you must be Anne's son" I smiled "Well, one of you must be the son"

One of the boys waved at me. He had straight blonde hair and in my eyes was a bit cute. "That would be me. I'm the son, Ashton."

"Hi, I am the babysitter, Brooke"

"I've heard lots about you." He smiled 

"Really?" I smirked turning my eyes toward Harry. 

"This is Luke, Calum, and Michael." Ashton said pointing to the three boys behind him. 

"Do you guys like macoroni and cheese?" 

The three boys smiled at me but Luke's smile was more of a smirk and he whispered something, but I could barely hear, but I'm sure he said "American.." and then Calum and Ashton smacked his arms. 

They followed me to the kitchen and sat down at the table beside Harry. 

"ANYWAYS! Brooke has a very important message that she has to tell me, now if you don't mind." Harry said begging me to tell him. 

"Oh! The message about your surprise?"

"Wait, why does Harry get a surprise? Is it because he's cute and little? It's the cheeks isn't it. I used to have fat cheeks, but I grew into them." Calum frowned. 

"You can have part of the surprise too Calum. All of the boys can." 

"YAAAAAAYYYY!" The four grown boys cheered. When I told them the surprise was that I was making chocolate fudge sundaes, I felt like I was babysitting 5 little boys. 

I sat down eating some Mac n' Cheese beside Michael and Harry. 

"Are you going to have some Ice cream?" Michael said to me

I shook my head 'no'. 

"Why? Is it cause you think you're fat?" Luke laughed hysterically and continued to eat his ice cream. 

I looked down at my food and set it on the table. I noticed Ashton punch Luke's arm and nodded towards me. 

"Shit, I'm sorry. But Brooke, you aren't fat. If I was a girl, I'd die to have that body." He said 

My eyes grew wide and Ashton punched him again. "Wait, no I didn't mean it like THAT. I meant, your fit. and I just.. Never mind"  

I laughed hysterically at him "What is so funny?" Luke frowned. 

"I'm just kidding Luke, I don't think I'm fat, I don't like ice cream. It is too cold and creamy." I laughed and all the boys continued. 

-3 hours later-

"Ash, would you mind driving Brooke home?" Anne asked as she walked back downstairs from checking on Harry, who was fast asleep. As soon as Harry fell asleep around 9:30, Luke, Calum, and Michael went home.

"Yeah, that's no problem" He smiled at me, and we stood up. During the drive home, it was silent. And to be honest, it isn't like me to be quiet. But I broke the silence. "Thank you for driving me" I smiled. 

He just nodded back smiling. "It was nice meeting you Brooke. I was beginning to think this so called 'Amazing-Superwoman Babysitter was a lie, and Harry was just making her up." 

I laughed at what he called me. "Amazing superwoman babysitter? Is that right?" 

"Harry describes you as the babysitter who can do everything and anything. I hear you like dinosaurs and scary movies." 

I blushed and nodded "Yes, I do."

"Harry told me about the collection." Ashton smirked as we pulled up to a red light. 

"You making fun of my nerdy-ness Mr. Irwin?"

"I'm not judging, it's kinda cute" 


Ashton and I stayed close. We did everything together. But when the summer ended, I had to move back to America to continue school. Ashton moved him and the boys to America because he wanted to see how amazing America really was. They didn't plan on living here, but they liked it a lot. So they all bought a condo and now here we are. 

"When Ashton talked about my nerdy-ness," I said ending the story "that is when I really had feelings for him"

"So you had liked him since you babysat his little brother?" Stacey said looking gazed. 

I smiled at her then nodded. "4 years and 7 months."

"You waited all this time, for him to make a move?" Derick said. 

"I knew that Ashton liked me. I over heard him talking to a friend of ours, but I never said anything, I wanted it to turn out like the love stories in the movies." 

"And it did turn out that way"

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