Dimples and Blue Eyes

Brooke and Ashton have been best friends for 5 years which had felt like forever..What happens when they fall for each other? Find out what happens!(:
*One Direction and 5SOS are in this..but they are NOT famous!*
P.S: I know how it says it was published in December of 2012, but it wasn't. It was published February of 2014. This is a brand new fan-fiction for all of you Ashton lovers out there(:


1. That Chai Tea Latte

"Sugar-free Chai Tea Latte!" The girl behind the counter screamed. I walked over to her as I reached out to grab my drink. Then she screamed my other order. "White chocolate mocha extra whipped cream!" I grabbed the second drink and exited the coffee shop. I walked along the sidewalk until I reached my condo complex. I rode the elevator to the second floor and walked to room A117. I knocked on the room three times then yelled. 

"Room Service!!" in a Spanish accent. No answer. I yelled again "Room Service! Sir, would you like me to clean up for you!?" I yelled trying to hold back a laugh.

I hear a couple coughs on the other side of the door. The door slowly opened to a bed-headed-Ashton and I smiled when I saw him. 

"White chocolate mocha EXTRA whipped cream" I said handing him the drink. 

"Thank you Brooke! You are a life savor!" I smiled back at me taking a sip of his drink. 

"I know!" I replied jokingly "Get ready. Niall is introducing his new girlfriend today and we arranged lunch at 12:30, so be ready!" I started walking away then came to a stop and turned around "And please dress nice!"

He laughed back at me "Me?! Look nice? Please, you're the one who needs to look nice, you look like Hell hit you, blue eyes!" 

"Right back at ya dimples!" I smiled and made my way to the elevator and rode up to the next level and went straight to my room.

I took another sip of my Chai before I put it down so I could start getting ready.

While I was getting ready, a thought had kept running through my mind..Niall has a girlfriend! I just cannot believe Niall has a girlfriend. Its really hard to picture him with any girls. I mean I've know the boy for 3 years, and not once have I ever seen him flirt with a girl. All I know, is that I am ecstatic to meet her!

I looked into the mirror making sure I looked okay. I had straightened my long dirty blonde hair down with my bangs across my forehead and I was wearing my blue denim jeans with a plain white t-shirt, a thick black belt, and my sparkly black toms. Not to dressy, but if I smiled at myself in the mirror, then the outfit was perfect. As I was touching up my makeup, there was a knock at my door. I rushed over to it and looked through the peephole and saw Ashton making a funny face, just knowing I would look through it. 

"Ready?!" He said as I opened the door

"Just give me one second" I said as I looked through my bag making sure I had my keys, phone, and wallet. 


When Ash and I reached the restaurant, we noticed everyone was already there. Like usual, Ash and I were the last ones to show up. 

"Sorry for being late! Someone took years!" Ash smirked at me. I rolled my eyes and sat by the girl I figured was Niall's girlfriend while Ash sat right across from me. The girl had dark brown hair down to her shoulders and had these bright emerald green eyes. I smiled at her as she faced me. "Niall, would you like to introduce us?" I smiled at him

"Oh! Hey Brooke! Emily, this is a close friend of mine, Brooke. Brooke, Id like you to meet my girlfriend Emily."

I smile at him, then  down to Emily. "Hi Emily, its so nice to meet you!" I said as I pulled her into a hug to make her feel welcome. She hugged back as she said "Its so nice to meet Niall's friends!" We release from the hug and I look around to see who has come. 

I saw Eleanor&Louis, Perrie&Zayn, Luke, Michael&Sam, Sophia&Liam, Ash, Harry, Calum, Niall&Emily, and then there's me. Wow..That's a lot of people. I don't think I've ever realized how many people there were! Then I had an idea.

I turned to face Emily and spoke. "Would you like to have a girls night over at my place? El, Perrie, Sam, and Soph can come to!" Emily looks over at Niall, and Niall smiles and nods. She turns back towards me and nods her head. I smile and texted all the girls since they were sitting at the end of the table. 

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