Why was i this stupid to let this happen


1. Why...

I woke up just like every day of my life around 10am. It was Saturday and i had no plans until about 1. As usual i got up and went to Brians. I was aloud at Brians whenever id like, Brian is one of my best friends, hes gay but that doesnt make him any different then anyone else. When i got here it seemed different but i went along and rang the door bell. Almost automaticly the door opened but it wasnt Brian it was his brother Mitchell. I didnt fully care because im friends with Mitchell but im closer to Brian. Mitchell informed me that Brian was at the beach but would be back soon but that him and his cousin Danny wanted to hangout.

The night before we had been here all of their family celebrating their dead brothers birthday. I had met Danny before but the night before i had found out that he liked me but he didnt know me. But i was only 13 and he was 15... He wasnt completely attractive but he wasnt ugly. After hanging out and watching movies we found ourselves running around the house just like little kids. It was 12:45 and I was wondering where Brian was and when my friend was coming over. Brian had been texting me every once and a while but not much. Then my friend was here ringing the door bell over and over until we opened the door. He had long blonde hair with blue eyes, we had been friends since we were little through family and football. Of course we were all hanging when i lost phone, i was very pissed. Joking around i yelled out what i would do to get my phone back but said i was joking. Because i wouldnt and they knew that but they got me my phone.

We were watching tv and I felt a shadow over me... it was Danny. "come with me" he said i looked at him confused "why?" "because i wanna talk to you" in my head i thought why? weve been talking, i hope hes not going to tell me he likes me... i cant and i dont want to. Seconds later my arm was almost ripped out from a force that lifted me off the ground and on my feet. He was holding on to my arm pulling me wherever he went. We were going upstaires and i looked back with fear... but i dont know if they saw me. We werent going where we were before we going the opposite way, the farther we went the darker it got... i started feeling chills... I found myself in a pitch black space with light from the doorway until suddenly it slammed shut. I couldnt see a thing at this point i didnt have my phone, all i could do was hope for the best. maybe this is a joke! I yelled out "Danny?? where the hell are we? why cant i see anything?" He wasnt close to me, he said "dont worry this is going to be fun." I questioned.. "whats going to be fun. i dont want to be here. i want to leave. now." "no no i promise you will have fun." then i heard a sound that made my eyes tear up... the sounds of pants hitting the floor.... "Danny what are you..." 

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