Why was i this stupid to let this happen


4. I want to die.

He stood there grabbing my chest then started going down... i tried again to move which worked till i was jerked back but this time into a corner... now i was completely stuck once again... "Let me go!" "No. Im not done yet" "I dont care what you are I want to..." BAM. Hand slapped my cheek then was over my mouth, my head hit the wall like a sinder block... His hand was now in my pants... moving, touching, disrespecting me... then my pants were off i was now completely naked... It took me a couple seconds to realize... Here i was in a bathroom completely naked... dizzy, and not completely sure what is going on...

I gently close my eyes, wishing this would be over... Wishing i wasnt in pain anymore, my head was spinning but i couldnt see anything! I felt like i had those stars over my head... I felt like i was glued to the wall i couldnt move... he was so close, i didnt like it at all. Then i suddenly was on the ground.. bare body cold already on what felt like a towel? Was I in a bathroom??? He was now on top of me... his hand still intering my body over and over again. Then he changed what he was doing, doing different things, circles, up and down, in and out then... i felt something. This was no longer a hand... he had released his hand from my mouth "You say ONE word and you will regret it. Do i make myself clear?" He moved swiftly and quickly... then wrapped his arms around my legs, my feet were on his back and he was now his face was touching me. I didnt know what to do but i lost my breath, trying to grab something but nothing in reach... Oh my god whatt is happening what is this feeling... He went faster and faster then slower then as fast as he could... At this point i was scratching the floor... tears streaming down my neck. 

He let go and then layed on top of me. Trying to kiss me but i wouldnt i did everything i could to get out from under him... When i got out i quickly got my clothes on before he got to me. "Where are you going" "Im leaving!" "No dont leave" "Danny i want to go, if you dont let me go..." "If i dont let you go what?" he sounds angry... "Im going to tell my daddy what you have dont to me... and hes going to get you." Instantly he opened the door. I ran down stairs "Come on we are leaving now!" "he could tell i had been crying..." "Whats the matter???" Mitchell said. "Nothing...." "Tell me!" "No! I want to leave...." tears coming down all over again. Danny was no where to be seen. 

When we got home i finally told my friend what had happened. He wanted to kill him.. Mitchell texted me, Danny had told him what happened. But he told him everything except the fact of truth. Mitchell was at my door, he asked what happened i told him. He was speachlesss.... "Please dont tell your parents, youll never be aloud over and Brian will miss you too much" "Im not but i never want to see him again" i know... "No Mitchell you dont know! He basically rapped me or melested me" Mitchell looked down speechless...  he knew i was telling the truth he just didnt know what to do or say... I walked towards the door, and turned around just to say one last thing. Now Danny was here "I hope yall know that this day i will never forget not because i dont want to but because this day will make me cry for the rest of my life...." 

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