Why was i this stupid to let this happen


2. Help!

He was right behind me... breathing over my neck, his body wasnt close enough to tough but he wasnt far. "Danny??" i questioned "Shhhh" "NO! i want to..." His hand was over my mouth... and i could feel his body on my back.... he was only where a shirt. I could say anything when i went to speak hed jerk his hand tighter on my mouth. His other hand was now on my stomach moving up and down... I was terrified. Then his hands was in my shirt.. he was slowly moving up until he started pulling my strap down untill it was off my arm. "Dont say anything, or you wont have fun." he released from my mouth "danny i want to leave now. Stop touching me" "NO." "Yes!" He hand was now on my mouth again but it was no where near gental it was mean... now my shirt was below my belly botton and my bra was off. He was infront of me... body to body. hand still slammed to my mouth... then lips against mine. I pulled away "what the hell!" "SHUT UP" he did it again and i repeated by pulling away. Now his hands were in my hair holding my face to his while he was sucking the life out of me.... then i started moving backwards... Now i was sitting on a cold surface. I went to let out a sqeech but nothing came out. I knew the worst hadnt come and i was scared to death..... 

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