the fire mind

a bad start to a life means it will always be a bad life... right?
Unless your viki. She began her life the bad way and everyone thought it would always be like that. For a while it seems as it was ended like that, until she meets someone that has the fortune to save her. Find out how she became so down and how she became so wow!!!!!!!!!!


4. take the risk

Later on in the day, we went down to the local clinic. I found the journey a little weird because we went down dork alleys and people wearing hoodies took  glares at me and sniggered. The boys stayed quiet for a long time and i began to wonder where they were taking me. We came to a large grey building and it seemed really unsafe. The boys stopped me entering the building and bent down towards me, curiously. 'You do trust us don't you?' Harry said taking a little look at me. I nodded and they let me through the door. We went into a dark room and seen some more people in hoodies. A nurse came out and pointed over to me. she took me into another room that seemed very similar to the other. She looked at niall and asked, 'T90?' niall shook his head and whispered something in her ear. I looked at the other boys but they just stared at me; i felt a bit worried. The nurse came back over to me  and handed me a pill. The boys encouraged me to take it so i did. I felt drowsy for a while but then i came around. Louis looked at Zayn and stood up. 'Ok,' he said softly, 'try standing up!' I knew i was taking a big risk, but i had put my trust in the boys. I did as he said and placed me feet on the ground. I slowly put all the pressure on my legs and it felt good. Suddenly i fell to the ground unconscious. Barely feeling it, it began rising. The room was empty apart from a body. I bent down to see who's it was. I flung back in shock. No wonder why I didnt need my chair and why i felt so light; it was my body! Was i actually dead?   

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