the fire mind

a bad start to a life means it will always be a bad life... right?
Unless your viki. She began her life the bad way and everyone thought it would always be like that. For a while it seems as it was ended like that, until she meets someone that has the fortune to save her. Find out how she became so down and how she became so wow!!!!!!!!!!


3. No matter how expensive

I felt a bit creeped out. It sounds really weird but I was. I was creeped out. Harry pulled out a blanket and wrapped it tight around me whilst I dosed off in the limmo. I woke up around midnight in a blue room. There was notes all over the walls. I tried to think where I was and then I soon remembered. I wanted to get up, but I needed my chair and I think it was in naill's room. At around 7, all the boys came in to see how I was. Harry tried to convince me into eating bacon sandwiches and Niall brought in my chair whilst the rest of the boys sang to me. 'I'm ok.' I said sleepily as I rubbed my eyes. I didn't really feel ok. I felt sick. Right to my stomach. But there was something inside me telling me I was goin to be ok. I nibbled a little bit of bacon and led back down. The boys sang buitifully and Niall played the guitar wonderfully. I applaused them and gave them a hug. Liam asked about what I needed but I didn't really want to say. All I said was 'I hate this chair!' Zayn walked over to me and rubbed my hair. 'Anything you need, we'll get it. No matter how expensive. Don't be affraid to tell us. Anyone of us.' I smiled and shut my eyes. The boys left me to it for a while and I wondered if I should tell them about that bill. They said anything. And well it's been my life long dream. I called in Harry and Niall to help me into the chair and soon the rest of the boys came in. 'Zayn. You said anything right?' I looked at his questioning. He nodded 'well there is something. I sort of really want to get out of this stupid chair but it costs like...' I hesitated for a moment and then said it. '£365,000' I seen the boys look at each other in a bit of worry but they all nodded. 'Ok!' They all announced.
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