the fire mind

a bad start to a life means it will always be a bad life... right?
Unless your viki. She began her life the bad way and everyone thought it would always be like that. For a while it seems as it was ended like that, until she meets someone that has the fortune to save her. Find out how she became so down and how she became so wow!!!!!!!!!!


2. feeling old

It seemed as i had been on the move for years. So long. I thought i was old and wrinkly. I felt old and mindless. I had passed rivers and lakes, lanes and city roads. Sometimes i stopped on corners, to rest. I would rest one shoe on the floor and dose. People would stop by and drop coppers in my shoe. I'd sometimes peer out to see what money i had. I'd say I only left the patches with 50p. I gave up in the end. i just kept on moving, never stopping. I then realised, in the distance, there was screaming. In a happy way, like there was a famous person. Wait, what if there was. I raced over to the destination and i could just make out posters in the girls hands. Saying something about direction. I had heard of a band with the word 'direction' in. I just remembered. ONE DIRECTION! I looked around and found a pizza box and a stone. As i found a place in the front row waiting for an autograph, I knew people were whispering about me. Then it was the time. One direction stepped out the door. Harry came out first. He made his way along the line until he came to me. 'I don't have much.' I spoke quietly to make me sound really poor. 'But anything for an autograph.' Harry looked at me for a moment and whistled the boys over. they huddled into a group and whispered for a moment or two. Liam went over to the bodyguard and started pointing over to me and then to the fans. Harry told the band to go set up the disabled seat in the limo whilst he explained what was happening to me. 'Look, we understand that you are homeless so we're offering you a place to stay. With us.'  The girl next to me looked around and glared at Harry in horror. Harry shrugged his shoulders and wheeled me off to the limmo before i could say anything. As we pulled off, I seen all the boys were looking at me. 'It's ok.' Niall giggled. 'I know.' i sighed and sat back to remember my mum. 'Fiesty!' Zayn whispered and i took a long glare at him. louis coughed for attention. 'Hey, you can have my room you know!' He said and shouted to the driver. All the boys joined in and i satt back again all shy. It just didn't seem right. I was sat in a limmo with one direction. I had no idea how this would ever work!


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