the fire mind

a bad start to a life means it will always be a bad life... right?
Unless your viki. She began her life the bad way and everyone thought it would always be like that. For a while it seems as it was ended like that, until she meets someone that has the fortune to save her. Find out how she became so down and how she became so wow!!!!!!!!!!


1. the down part

'so that comes to a cost of say... £365.000!' My theropist said. I was at the clinic with my mum discusing the cost of a theropy to cure my illness. I was disabled. The only problen was that it was just far to expencive. 'jESUS CHRIST!' My mum squeeled. 'Come on Viki, we'll find someone elso to do it.' 'Mum it's fine. I'll just live with it. Your seriously ill. We need to find someone to cure your cancer.' my mum sighed and we walked out the door. As we walked down the corridoor, my mum suddenlly stopped, cluching her chin. 'MUM!' i squeeled scared. She fell to the floor chocking. I wish i could have done more. I wish i wan't stuck in a stupid chair. All i could do was screem. Doctors crouded her, blocking my view. A nurse came over and took me down the corridoor. She took me into a room and bent down beside me. 'Look, I don't know if your mother will survive, but i know she has cancer; it will be very unlikely she survives.' I didn't dare look at her. i wanted to just stand up and run. run to my mum. 'B... but who will p... pay for my treatment? i... if my m... mum dies.' I screeched again, still not opening my eyes. The nurse sighed and took me into a room with a big bed and some other doctors in. They crouded around a body, pushing it with some machine. I looked again to see who it was. suddenly, the machine began beeping quickly. 'What's happening?' I spun my head around realising who the body lead on the bed. 'It's over. I'm sorry. Your mum has died!!!' the nurse lead me into the car park and spoke to me, in sorrow. 'We can't do anything else for you dear. Unless we put you into care.' I shook my head and spun away quickly, back home. When i got back, there was a phone call fron the loan store. 'Hello.' Some geeky american guy said, 'Is melony collins in?' 'No, i'm sorry. She is dead!' I annonced dromaticly. 'I'm sorry for your loss mam, but that means the monney she owed us, will go down to you!' 'What!' i gasped when he told me the amount i owed him. 'I'm sorry but i can't afford that.' I hung up and cried. I soon drifted off into a deep sleep. I woke to the sound of the doorbell. When i answered, two men stood at the door with their arms folded. They explained how i had to leave the house immedietly! I left the house for the last time. No clothes, no nothing. I was nothing. I was homeless!

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