The Christmas Nightmare


2. Uncovering

Charles Dixon was an actor from London in the late 50's he stared in Alice in wonderland in the west end as the Mad Hatter and played a main roll in the 1940's TV series White rose.


Charles Dixon grew up in south London with his Mother as his father diseased from a young age. He met his Wife, Rosa Dixon at the age of 18 and they were married within a year.

10 years later they had their child Matthew Dixon just as Charles was playing his last roll in the film, The Christmas Nightmare. He often got accused of being mad as he used to spend hours locked in his attic talking to dolls he made out of wood as he enjoyed carpentry. Near to the end of his life, his wife Rosa was the only person who would speak to Charles.


Now comes the story that I, a quiet, sensitive 12 year old boy who had low self-esteem from being bullied read. This is the story that inspired me to become a horror writer. If you don't want to read a horror story then read a different book. But if you want a horror story then carry on reading. In the next chapters you will read what I read all those years ago.

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