Little China Doll

Sorry if I seem to resist the urge to explain where this is, I think it leaves you to your imagination as to where Lacey is in the story.


1. Intro

I walked through the doors of the school, ready to be ridiculed and found that my expectations would be met.

It all started with our relocation between countries, for my dad's job and ended where I am now, a new city. 

Ms. Baker smiled at me and guided me along the corridor with a swift motion of her arm towards the long, white hallway, filled with posters of other students' work. My stomach started to tell me that the nearest exit wasn't too far yet and that it wasn't too late to turn back and swipe my key card from my wallet and jump on the next train to the hotel, but I kept walking, knowing that the guidance counselor would never actually let me do that. So I kept walking shakily, excited for the day to end as quickly as possible.

Obviously, I was never the "new kid" at school. I've never had the 'pleasure', but I've seen the affect on other kids where I had lived before. Nobody, not even me, wanted to be friends with them, or let them in to our cliques and groups, but now I was that kid, and now I had to face it and hope that this school was different, that it really did let others in.

Ms. Baker opened the door into a classroom filled with wide-eyed middle schoolers and a surprised teacher who obviouly didn't know she was receiving a new student today. I still can't tell you to this day what she said to me. It wasn't in English.

"I'm sorry, I don't speak-" I was cut off mid sentence.

"I think I got the wrong room, I apologize," Ms. Baker saved me.

But she wasn't quick enough to save me from the stares and smirks that were being sent my way. Not to mention the quick exchanges of whispers and giggles. I flushed a bright pink, but I noticed two girls in the back before Ms. Baker continued.

"Jeannie is supposed to be her buddy today, so I thought that they would have the same classes together. It's completely my fault." Ms. Baker said as one of the girls I had noticed raised her head as her name was called.

Buddies? I thought, What are buddies? Why are people forced to befriend the new kid? That would definitely not happen where I used to live.

The one thing I did know about the school, was that making friends was going to be different that I had originally expected. For the better or the worse.


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