Little China Doll

Sorry if I seem to resist the urge to explain where this is, I think it leaves you to your imagination as to where Lacey is in the story.


2. Fitting In

My first class was the language of the area I was in and I didn't understand a thing that was happening. All I know is that they were reading a book and I didn't understand a word that was in it. It was the most frustrating time in my life. I felt so helpless, so dumb. 

When that class was finally over, the girl I had seen in the back of the classroom met up with me in a class called "advisory"? I had no idea what that class was, but I later found out it was homeroom to the max. It's all touchy feely and "how do you feel about everything" and "what's bugging you". It was starting to feel like I was going to a therapist rather than homeroom. 

She had freckles, lots of them. But not the freckles that are ginormous and overpower someones face. the kind that make you look like a little girl and innocent. Her freckles paired with her cheeky grin made someone step back and blink repeatedly when she cursed. Yes, it seemed like I was the only one who didn't curse at this school, but not the point. The point is she looked like a goody goody two shoes, but the more time I spent with her, the more I realized that she wasn't the goody two shoes she came off to be. And the more I realized that she wasn't a good person to be around. Not a good influence and not a nice person to me.

So when we went on a school trip, I told her. I told her that she treated me poorly. The results were devastating. But I'll get into better detail, I promise.

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