Meant to be

After her mothers death Felicia moves to her aunt in London. She's never met her aunt and the only thing she knows about her is her name, Louise Teasdale. When she moves to this small family she will love, hate, let tears fall, let mouths kiss and let dreams come true. What Felicia doesn't know is that the move to London will change her life, forever...


4. Up all night


I entered the silent room with my own clothes and my hair wrapped into a towel. I smiled when I met their eyes and sat down next to Harry.

“Okay, now that you’re here, what movie would you like to watch?” Liam asked.

“I don’t really care, really.” I said.

“Fine, I’ll choose then.” He said and looked down at the movies that he had in a pile in front of him. He held up two movies to show us.

“Toy Story 1 or 2?” He asked.

“1” Zayn said from the corner of the other couch.

“Is that alright with you, Felicia?” Liam asked me.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” I said.

Liam put in the movie and pressed play. The movie began and we all became silent. I felt Harrys eyes burning on my skin and turned my head to look at him. When I met his gaze he smiled warmly at me, showing his dimples. I smiled back at him and turned my head back to watch the movie. I felt an arm sneak up behind me and resting on my shoulder. I assumed it was Harry so I rested my head on his shoulder. I heard his heart beat and felt him breathing. I could get used to this. I felt my eyes getting heavy and I slowly drifted of.


The sun was shining in my face and I slowly opened my eyes. I heard snoring and lifted my head to see who was there with my. I found myself with my head in Harrys lap and his head resting over the couch. Liam was laying on a pillow on the floor in front of the big tv and Louis, Niall and Zayn was laying almost on top of each other, in the other couch. I stretched and sat up. I carefully released myself from Harrys tight grip of my body and stood up. I guess I drifted up while we watched Toy Story… I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and took it out to see who was calling me. The display said; “Lou”. Shit! She must be freaking out by now!

“Hello?” I quickly answered and left the room, cause I didn’t want to wake the boys up.

“Good morning! Where are you?” She asked. I could hear on her voice that she was worried about me.

“I’m so sorry, I must of drifted of at the boys when we watched Toy Story…” I said.

“Oh, Thank God! I thought you were kidnapped or something!” She said, relieved.

“No, I’m just here.” I said.

“Well, that’s fine. You can stay there if you’d like. I’m going to style the for a photoshoot this afternoon, you can come with them there and then you can come with me home.” She said.

“Yeah, that’s sounds great!” I said.

“Good! It’s a plan then!” she said. I could hear on her voice that she was smiling.

“Yup, thanks Lou!” I said.

“Don’t mention it! Bye!”

“Bye, see you later!” I said and hung up.

I put my phone back in my pockets and went back in to the living room to see if anyone was awake yet. I could see Harry stretching and getting up from the couch.

“Good morning!” I said.

He turned around to face me with a slight frightened expression. When he saw that it was just me he relaxed and sent me a smile.

“Good morning, beautiful!” I replied.

I blushed and smiled back at him.

“Are you hungry?” I asked.

“A bit.”

“Want to make breakfast before the others wake up?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure!”

We walked to the kitchen.

“What do you want to make?” I asked.

“Is pancakes alright?”

“Of course!”

He took out the ingredients and got started. I joined in and we poured the ingredients in a bowl. I felt his eyes burning on me and I got an idea. I took a handful of flour and splashed it all over his face. He closed his eyes and got a mischievous smile on his face.

“Oh, It’s on!” He said and took a hand full of sugar and threw it in my face.

I got another hand full of flour and threw it in his hair this time. He got a handful of flour too and threw it on me I ran around the kitchen, trying to avoid whatever he threw at me. We were laughing everytime he hit me and everytime I got him. I got and egg and cracked it over his head. The egg ran down his face and under his clothes. I laughed till my stomach hurt.

“Want a hug?” He asked and walked slowly towards me.

“No! No, no, no!” I repeated over and over again.

I backed of and ran around the kitchen with him right behind me. He was faster than me so he caught up after a little while. He embraced me and I felt the egg through my shirt.

“Let go of me!” Hi half screamed and half laughed.

“Never!” He yelled back.

I tried to run away from him while we both were laughing. I accidently tripped over something on the floor. I fell to the floor and Harry fell over me. We laughed even more but stopped after a short while. I stared into his emerald eyes and he stared back at mine. He moved his eyes to look at my lips and I did the same and stared at his lips. He slowly got closer and closer. I was sure he was going to kiss me but pulled away an inch away from me. He got up and cleared his throat. He held his hand out for me to grab, and I did. He helped me up and walked away to continue making pancakes. I just stood frozen at my spot and tried to figure out what happen. Did Harry try to kiss me? I decided to just shrug it of and join him with the baking. The air between us was filled with awkward silence. None of us knew what to say. I sat on the bench while Harry fried the pancakes. I stared at his face. His eyes, his nose, his hair but my eyes were drawn to look at his lips. My thoughts were interrupted by Harrys voice.

“You’re staring.” He said.

“No, I’m not!” I protested.

He just laughed and looked at me.

“Stubborn are we?” He asked and poked my stomach.

“Am not!”  I protested once more.

We both laughed again.

Niall appeared at the door.

“I smelled… Wow! What happened in here?!” He said and his eyes got big when e looked at the mess we had made when we had the food fight. I laughed at his facial expression.

“We were making pancakes…” Harry said.

“You have a funny way of making pancakes.” He said.

We finished frying the pancakes and put them on a plate. I walked away with them to the living room.

“Wake up guys, it’s breakfast time.” I said when I sat down he plate and sat in the couch that Harry and I slept in earlier. They stretched and yawned but all of them woke up and sat around the coffee table eventually. No one of them had looked up at me yet so no one had seen my face full with flour and sugar. Niall entered the room but Harry was no where to be seen.

“Where’s Harry?” I asked Niall as he was about to take his first bite of the pancake in his hand.

“He went to the loo.” He said and took a big bite of his pancake.

I dropped it and started eating. I must say, the pancakes turned out pretty good.

“These are amazing, Felicia!” Liam said and looked up at me.

His facial expression changed within a second from a warm smile to a surprised and curious face.

“What?” I asked.

I knew what the face was about but I just loved teasing people.

“Have I got something on my face?” I asked innocently.

This made all the rest of the guys look at me. Louis burst out laughing and Zayn got the same face as Liam.

“In fact, you do!” Liam said.

I took out my phone from my pocket and switched to camera and used it as a mirror.

“Well look at that! Who would of thought?” I said.

“Would you mind explaining what happened in there?” Louis asked and nodded towards the kitchen.

“Why don’t you take a look?” I said with a playful smile.

They all got up from their seats except for Niall and I. We waited for their reaction when they would walk in to the kitchen.

“OH MY GOD!” Someone screamed.

Niall and I laughed quietly at their reactions. The boys came back and looked at me.

“What the hell happened in there?” Louis asked.

“We were making pancakes.” I said.

Zayn, Louis and Liam got a curious face.

“Wait…we?” Zayn said.

“Yeah, Me and Harry?” I said.

None of them said another word. They sat down around the table and started eating. I had absolutely no idea of what was going on! Harry came in the room a few minutes later and sat down next to me in silence and started eating. The silence grew awkward. I finished my pancake and got up from my seat. I went to the closest bathroom, the one in the bedroom next to the kitchen. I locked the door when I entered the bathroom. I found toothpaste and squeezed out some. I got it in my mouth and mixed it up in my mouth with some water. I spit and searched for a hairbrush. I found one and brushed my hair. I then fixed the mascara under my eyes and looked in the mirror. It wasn’t too bad. I got some perfume from a shelf and sprayed some on my chest. Then I walked out of the bathroom and in to the kitchen. It was a mess! I walked in to the living room where the boys sat.

“Where do you keep the vacuum cleaner?” I asked.

“You’re not cleaning up the mess in there!” Harry said and stood up.

“Yes I am! I started it!” I said.

“No, just leave it to me! Okay?”

“Fine, if you say so…” I said and turned around.

I walked to the kitchen and started doing the dishes. Someone grabbed me from behind and carried me away and in to the living room.

“I’m doing the dishes?”

“No, I told you to leave it to me, didn’t I?” Harry said.

“Cleaning doesn’t involve dishes!” I disagreed.

I felt my phone buzz in my pocket.

“Well, why won’t you answer that phone of yours and leave it all to us?” He said.


I looked at the display and it said; “Lovisa <3”.

Lovisa was my best friend back in Sweden. She was the only one I told everything! She was like a sister I never had. But then I moved…I missed her really badly, even if I moved yesterday and she was the one who drove me to the airport, I still missed her like crazy! We used to meet everyday just to hang out and do nothing all day. She lived about a block away from my house and we used to sleep over all the time! But that would all change now…

“Hello?” I answered the phone.  

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