Meant to be

After her mothers death Felicia moves to her aunt in London. She's never met her aunt and the only thing she knows about her is her name, Louise Teasdale. When she moves to this small family she will love, hate, let tears fall, let mouths kiss and let dreams come true. What Felicia doesn't know is that the move to London will change her life, forever...


7. I should have kissed you




I had stayed throughout the whole photoshoot. We were having a good time, laughing and playing around. Right now the boys were getting ready for the last scene while I was sitting beside Lou, waiting for the boys to come out from the . We were sitting in complete silence while we waited. The door to their dressing room flung open and out stepped a bare-chested boy. The mop of curls on his head was styled in his signature look. His emerald eyes found mine and a smirk played on his lips, dimples digging in to his cheeks. I watched him as he made his way towards us. He got seated next to me, our thighs touching slightly. He looked at me. He studied my face, looking at my ears, nose, skin and my lips. His gaze stopped at my lips. His tongue peeked out of his mouth as he licked his plump lips. I shyly bit my lower lip and looked away. My eyes stopped when I saw four, also bare-chested, boys. They looked like European Gods. I felt my cheeks getting heated up as they walked to the three of us who already were sitting on a purple couch. I felt a warmth on my knee and looked down to find a large hand covering it. Harry looked at the boys, like nothing was going on. I giggled slightly under my breath. Zayn’s eyes flicked to my knee and he looked down with a frown on his face.  

“Are you ready for the pool scene?” The director asked. I never noticed his arrival. They all nodded and followed the director to the big pool outside the studio. Harry stayed behind.

“Will you come to watch?” He asked. His eyes sparkled with hope as I nodded. He smiled, shoving of his dimples once more. He moved his hand from my knee to stand up and reached out for mine. I quickly accepted the gesture and entwined our fingers. We walked together out the door hand in hand. I must say, our hands fitted perfectly in one another. He squeezed my hand slightly and let go of it.

“I guess I have to go…” He said and his emerald eyes looked into my green ones. His eyes dropped to my lips. His mouth parted a little bit. I immediately got butterflies in my stomach as he leaned in, still staring at my lips. I wasn’t able to move while he leaned in. He was less than an inch away when we were interrupted.  

“Oi! Haz! We need to get started over here!” Zayn yelled. Harry quickly pulled away and his cheeks turned a deep shade of red. He cleared his throat.

“I-I.. uhm I just…have to… yeah.” He said nervously and walked away to the boys. I blushed. I think I started to catch feelings for Harry… This wasn’t good. You see, back in Sweden I had a boyfriend. Adam. At first we had this perfect relationship. He was the hottest boy at school. We went out on a few dates and everything was perfect. I couldn’t believe that he had chosen me over all the other girls. I was on top of the world but then I found out something. Something that ruined everything. I found out that he had slept with two of my best friends while he was still in a relationship with me. It destroyed me. I shut down completely. I didn’t talk to anyone for weeks. I just stayed in my room, crying until I had no tears left to cry. Ever since that experience I’ve never really trust anyone. I don’t trust them to be faithful. So whenever I begin to fall for a boy I shut them out. I couldn’t fall for Harry. But he’s just too perfect. The way he looked at me just made me feel special. Like he looked right into my soul.

“Excuse me, are you Felicia?” A voice said from behind me. I turned around to find a gorgeous girl smiling at me. She had long wavy hair flowing down her back. Her eyes were a beautiful mixture of brown and green. She was about a feet taller than me. There were something about her that made her look familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was.

“I’m Eleanor.” She said. Eleanor. Even her name was familiar. “I’m Louis girlfriend.” She added. Right! I remember how my friend used to talk about her. How amazingly beautiful she was and how she and Louis was a match made in heaven. She reached out her hand and I shook it. We continued to watch the boys playing around in the pool whilst the photographer snapped shots of them. A while later the director yelled that they were done for the day. The boys exchanged looks and ran over to Eleanor and I. I immediately knew what was about to take place in a little while. My eyes got bigger as they came closer to us. We backed away until our backs were pressed against the door. The boys had evil smirks playing on their lips.

“No, no, no! Louis, don’t!” Eleanor repeated as Louis lifted her up and started running towards the big pool. A few seconds later a scream ran through my ears.

“It’s so cold!” She said when her head reached the surface. My focus returned to the four dripping wet boys in front of me. There was no escape.

“No! Come on guys! You remember what happened last time!” I tried. They didn’t listen to me though. Harry was the first one to make a move and gripped my arm. Niall gripped my other one and Zayn and Liam each took a leg. They lifted me up and started walking to the pool. I repeated ‘No, please let me down’ at least ten times. They never listened to my pleads though. They reached the pool and dropped me in it without hesitation. The freezing water surrounded my body. I gasped at the shock. I quickly reached for the surface and took a deep breath.

“Bloody hell that’s cold!” I exclaimed. My clothes were dripping wet and I bet my make-up was ruined. The boys were all laughing at my reaction towards the ice-cold water I was now standing in. Louis was in the pool with Eleanor and I, having water fight with Eleanor. They looked really cute! I smiled at how happy they both looked. I remember when I was that happy. The rest of the boys joined us in the pool and an everyone vs. everyone water fight broke out in the rather big pool. We were laughing and having the time of our lives as someone cleared their throat from behind me. I turned around to see who it was. My eyes got huge and my mouth dropped open. Simon Cowell stood in front of us with his arms crossed and a serious face.

“Hello boys. Girls.” He nodded towards us. They all mumbled a ‘hi’ as a respond. I, on the other hand, wasn’t able to speak. I was literally standing in front of Simon fucking Cowell in a dripping wet outfit and ruined make-up. Could it get any worse? “If you don’t mind me ruining your fun, then I would love it if you would join me to our meeting we had planned for just about… now.”

“Right, we forgot! Sorry, Simon!” Liam said. Simon seemed to accept his apology as he nodded to what Liam just said. “We will just go and change to some dry clothes and we will be back in a minute, yeah?” He quickly added.

“Alright. I will see you later then!” He said to Liam and the boys. “Girls, it was lovely to meet you!” He said even though I didn’t say a single word to him. He turned and walked away from us.

“Well, that was awkward.” I stated.


We were now seated in the purple couch once more, but this time it was me, Lou and Eleanor. The boys had dried off and were on the meeting with Simon. Eleanor turned to me from her seat next to Lou.

“What’s going on between you and Harry?” She asked with a weird smirk plastered on her face. What did she mean? Nothing was going on between us. Sure, we were about to kiss earlier but nothing happened. I’m sure he didn’t like me, at least not in that way. He couldn’t. He was this big superstar and I was just… me. I’m sure he regretted ever leaning in.

“Nothing!” I said. She looked at me with a face that proved she didn’t believe me. “Nothing!” I repeated. A disappointed sigh escaped her lips and she looked towards the door that led to the pool. “Alright.” She mumbled, barely hearable. I aswell looked impatiently towards the closed door, waiting for it to open. We waited in silence until the door finally opened. In came the five most beautiful guys I have ever seen. Something was wrong though. They didn’t have their typical smiles on their faces like they used to. They actually all looked rather frustrated. I caught Harrys eyes but he broke the contact instantly and looked at his feet instead. What had happened out there? 

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