Meant to be

After her mothers death Felicia moves to her aunt in London. She's never met her aunt and the only thing she knows about her is her name, Louise Teasdale. When she moves to this small family she will love, hate, let tears fall, let mouths kiss and let dreams come true. What Felicia doesn't know is that the move to London will change her life, forever...


1. Another world



‘I’m going to miss this place, all the memories. I’m going to miss the laughters and even all the tears I’ve shed. I know I have to leave cause living here without you is not living. I will miss everything here but most of all I am going to miss you.’ 

As I wrote the words on the white paper I couldn’t help but cry. I was leaving Sweden for London. My mum died a month ago so I was moving to my aunt who lives in London. My dad left us when I was three so I never knew him. I sat on the plane on my way towards London. I’ve never met my aunt but all I know is her name, Louise Teasdale. She was my mums’ baby sister. It would be nice meeting her but weird. I turned on my iPod and listened to ‘Kiss me’ by Ed Sheeran. His voice made me feel warm inside. Like I could be happy again after the loss. “Fasten your seatbelts. We are now getting ready for the landing in London city. I sighed deeply and watched as we landed. Once we landed on the ground I got up from my seat and grabbed my hand luggage. I walked out of the plane slowly and hurried out of the big airport. I took my luggage of the trey. A few minutes later I was at the station where I were going to meat Louise. I stopped and looked at all the faces in the crowd. None of them looked familiar. “Are you Felicia?” I turned around to the voice from behind me. “Louise?” I asked. The women behind me had rather long blonde hair, her skin were tanned and she had the most beautiful blue eyes. She was about my height and absolutely gorgeous, unlike me. She got a huge smile plastered on her face. Then she hugged me. I was a bit overwhelmed by the gesture but hugged back after a while. “Please, call me Lou.” She said. “Okay.” She smelled amazing too; I really can’t believe I’m related to this woman. She pulled back from the hug. “I’m sorry, it just feels like I already know you.” She said and blushed. “Oh, no problem.” I said. “Okay well let’s get you to the car so that you can see your new home.” She said and took my suitcase. “Sure.” I said. While we walked through the airport a lot of people looked us. I have no idea why but it felt weird. She put my suitcase in the back and the two of us got seated in the front seat. “Do you have children of your own?” I asked. “Yes, me and my husband, Tom, have a daughter, Lux.” She said. That name sounded familiar in some weird way. “How old is she?” I asked. “She’s only one year old.” She said. “Oh, okay.” I said. “Here it is!” She said. You could hear in her voice how excited she was. She stopped the car in front of a cute little wooden house. There was a dark-haired man holding a cute blonde baby at the door.  I opened the car door and walked out to the back and grabbed my suitcase. Lou grabbed my arm and walked up to the man and the baby, whom I’m guessing is Tom and Lux. “You must be Felicia.” Tom said and hugged me. “And you must be Tom.” He smiled at me as he pulled away. “Wow… you really do look like Jessica!” He said. Jessica was my mum. People usually told me I looked like her, and I always took it as a compliment. “Thanks.” I said and blushed. “Lou and tom exchanged looks. “Anyway, this is our daughter, Lux.” Tom said as he looked at the baby in his arms. “Hi Lux, I’m Felicia.” I said in my baby-voice. She hid her face into her dads’ neck. “A bit shy, are we?” Tom said. Lou laughed. “Come inside sweetie, it’s freezing out here!” Lou said. She grabbed my suitcase again and led me through the door. Tom closed the door behind me and let Lux down. I looked around in the big room I was standing in. I’m guessing it was just the hallway but it was massive! I took of my shoes and jacket and put them on a chair. “Come here, I’ll show you around.” Lou said. “Okay.” She showed me to the next room. “This is the living room.” She said. I was standing in a big room with white walls. It had dark wooden floor and toys everywhere. It had a cosy big sofa and an armchair. There was also a big tv on the opposite wall. “Here’s the kitchen” She said as she led me to the next room. It was a modern kitchen and it was all white. They had two fridges and two freezers. We walked out of the room and back in to the hallway. She pointed on a door next to the front door. “Over there is a toilet.” She said. She walked up the stairs in front of us. We walked to the first door on the right. “This is me and Toms room.” She said. There was a big kinq-size bed. There were adorable family photos (Lou, Lux and Tom) on the wall over the bed. There was a door in the bedroom. “Where does that door lead?” I asked. “You’ll like this…” She said with a mischievous smile. She walked over to the door and opened it. I walked in to the room. “Wow…” I said. Lou laughed. It was a HUGE closet. There were clothes everywhere! There was a wall full of shoes, heels, vans, converse, dr. martins, Jeffery Campbell… you name it, you would find it all in here.  “This is amazing!” I said. “Why thank you, I thought you’d like it.” She said and giggled a little. “Should we go to the next room?” she asked. “Oh, right.” I said and walked out of the closet. “Over there is another bathroom, there’s a shower in there too so if you want to take a show it’s in there.” “Okay. Thank you!” “No problem honey” She said. I smiled at her. We continued on to what I guess is Lux’s room. It had toys everywhere and a baby bed in the corner. She had pink walls with small animals on it. The room was so cute. “Are you ready to see your room?” She asked me. I instantly became exited. I just nodded. “Alright, here we go.” She opened the door to my room. “THIS is my room?” I almost screamed. “Yep” She said. It was a massive room. It had white walls and one fond wall in beige. I had a king-size bed and a flatscreen. I had a white fur-carpet on the dark wooden floor. I love it! I also had a double-door in my room. I ran over to it and opened both the doors at the same time. I revealed a huge walk-in-closet. It had a pink armchair in the middle and a white carpet covering the floor. The walls were black Gucci-walls. My mouth formed a perfect “o” shape and I guess Lou noticed cause she laughed a little. “Like it?” Lou asked as she giggled. “I love it! Thank you so much!” I said and ran up to her and hugged her. “It’s the least I could do, darling!” She said and hugged me back. I pulled away and met her eyes. “Are you hungry?” She asked. “Yeah, kind of.” I replied. “We have a few friends that wanted to meet you, so if you’re okay with it, they’re joining us for lunch.” “Yeah, that’s okay.” I said “Great, Let’s go!” We walked down the stairs and in to the living room where we found Tom and Lux playing on the floor. Toms’ head shot up right away and he stood up. “Are you ready to go?” He asked. “Yep!” Lou said. They smiled at each other and Lou picked Lux up. Tom led me to the hallway and we got dressed to go out. Once Lou was done dressing Lux and herself we walked out to the car. I sat in the back with Lux while Lou sat next to Tom who was driving. “Where are we eating?” I asked. “Well, since we let them choose, we’re eating at Nandos.” Lou said. “Okay.” I simply said. We drove for a while in total silence except for Lux’s baby sounds. “We’re here!” Tom said. He got out of the car and walked to the back and picked out Lux. When I got outside there was a crowd of screaming girls welcoming me, Lux, Lou and Tom. I got really confused. They were screaming things like ‘OMG it’s Lux and Lou?!” and ‘Who’s the girl?’. I’m guessing that by “The girl” They mean me. I just walked next to Lou into the restaurant. We walked up to the waitress and she led us to a big table. I froze. At the table sat the most gorgeous five guys I’ve ever seen! 

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