Life as we know it

Jennifer lives in a flat right inside London with her best mate Laura. She is just finishing up college at Richmond and starting her new life as an adult. She starts working in a coffee house as the live performance until she notices a visitor who keeps showing up. Who is this mystery guy? (+15) Intense sexual scenes, and language.


1. Prologue

My name is Jennifer, Jennifer Braun. I live just inside London. I'm 18 and finishing my last year in college. I'm going to Richmond and I'm just about to graduate. I don't really want to be here, but I am. What do I really want? I want to be a famous singer. I want to go on stage and go on world tours and have screaming fans. I want to have 1 million tweets to check per day and over all I want to be known. That's what I really want. I live with my best friend Laura. She calls me Jenn, but no one can call me that unless it's my mum. My mum calls me what she likes. I call Laura, Laura Lou. Or just Lou. Unless it's them, I like to be called Jennifer. Not Jenny or Jen or Jennie Lou. Just Jennifer. This next week, I'm performing at a coffee house and playing guitar. I play guitar too. Did I mention that? I don't think I did. I'm going to perform on Tuesday to Thursday from 1:30 to 5:30. On Fridays I can play as I like. They actually want me to be the usual performance. It's going to be brilliant. You never know who could discover me in a coffee house. This could be the beginning to something huge, I could be on tour, signing autographs and have a new album released all in the next year. Anyone could discover me while I'm performing. You never know who you could meet in a coffee house.

*Short Prologue Sorry*
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