Life as we know it

Jennifer lives in a flat right inside London with her best mate Laura. She is just finishing up college at Richmond and starting her new life as an adult. She starts working in a coffee house as the live performance until she notices a visitor who keeps showing up. Who is this mystery guy? (+15) Intense sexual scenes, and language.


3. Getting things started

When I got to the coffee house, I grabbed my guitar and purse and walked inside. As I walked up to the door, I noticed little snow flakes getting caught in the waves of my hair. Looks like a white Christmas coming our way, which means a white birthday for me. No surprise there. I pulled my scarf up to my mouth and nose as a chill ran up my spin and continued walking towards the coffee house. Once I got inside, I asked the manager when to set up, he directed me towards the stage where a worker had everything set up for me. I took my coat and scarf off, hanging them on a near by hook. The same worker girl walked onto the stage to introduce me

"Hello everyone. Today we have a new performer that you may be seeing around a lot more often. Let's give a warm welcome to Miss Jennifer Braun." My heart started beating fast just like it does every time I'm right about to hit the stage. I sat on the stool in the middle of the stage with my guitar in hand, took a deep breath and smile

"How is everyone doing tonight?" I got a range of answers from the crowed some saying 'good' others saying 'cold' which made my smile grow even bigger

"Alright then let's get started" I started strumming and as soon as I hit that first chord, it was as if it was only me singing up on that stage. I played and played getting great feedback from the audience and before I knew it, it was 5:20. I had no other songs prepared so I thought why not ask for one last request?

"What about 'Hey there Delilah?" I shrugged my shoulders

"Sorry. I don't know the chords." 

"Any Green Day?" I thought about it for a bit then shook my head. 

"Sorry. No. I don't" I didn't know too many songs on my guitar and I was not too up to singing A Capella 

"What about Little Things?" I looked to someone in the back. He stood there with a big winter button up with their scarf up over their face. I couldn't see much besides that since the coffee house lights were in my eyes. 

"By One Direction?"

"Yeah. Do you know it?" The weird thing was, I did know that song. By heart actually and I knew the chords so well it was as if they were only strings I was strumming. I knew the whole song perfectly. Yet he just stood there. He didn't look that old by his posture. Maybe 20? 21 at the most. He had a deep husky voice and an accent that said he was obviously from around here but besides that he was a mystery to me

"Yeah I know it." I turned back my attention to the audience

"That sound okay to you?" The crowd agreed and I began strumming the chords. After the song, I tried to find the guy but he seemed to have disappeared. I don't know why but he interested me. I tried to get him out of my mind but what he did keeps replaying in my mind. I drove home and Laura was there along with our friends Joanna and Ali. I gave them hugs and Joanna returned to her space on the couch but Ali fled to the kitchen along with Laura.

"How did it go Love?" Joanna asked whilst watching the telly.

"Great! The crowd was great and I think I did great and honestly it was all just-!" 

"Great?" She turned and giggled at me. I looked jokingly at her

"No. I was going to say it was a buzz" She giggled a bit more

"No no I'm joking. I'm glad you had a good time" She smiled and I smiled back

"Jennifer Leigh Braun!!!" I turned to Ali behind me standing inside our bar area

"Tonight we are celebrating you finally getting your arse life into gear and starting your rise to fame" She raised a shot glass full of vodka and brought it to her lips

"To Jenn and her talents" I swear she looked pissed already

"Let's just try not to get to shaken up. Jenn has work again tomorrow and it was hard enough to get her skivvy arse out of bed as it is!" Laura yelled from the kitchen. I laughed then nodded in agreement although Ali applied to her and herself only. Joanna spoke whilst getting up off the couch and turning off the telly

"I'll be driver. I don't need another hang over and Jennifer deserves to have fun tonight." I went over to her and wrapped her tightly in a Jenn hug

"Thanks Joanna" I said to her. Joanna and I have a lot in common. Our hair is practically the same color, we both want to be famous only for different reasons and we both fit into the same clothes. She's a 28 and I'm a 27. We just click together and Iove her like a sister

"You're welcome Jenn. I know it's your big night and you girls did the same for me when I got my part in Wicked" She honestly did great in Wicked. She was a school student/ villager but you can always notice her shine in a crowd

"Well are we eating out or what because I should start getting ready if we are" I looked towards the kitchen wall where Laura was

"Going out sound good Laura?!" I yelled at her through the wall

"Oh yeah that's fine." She walked out with a bag of popcorn in her hand

"I was just making popcorn but I can just eat it whilst we get ready" I jumped up and down a bit. I love going out

"Yay! Girls night!" Ali said whilst slamming another shot

"Calm down there Ali. We aren't even at the club yet" She shot me a look and grabbed another shot glass from the cupboard, filling it with whipped vodka

"Shag that last statement, give me that shot Ali!" My blonde haired friend handed me my glass and watched as I let the liquid slid down my throat.

"Let's get things started!"

I walked down the hall after getting ready, my silver heels clicking against our wood flooring. I already had 3 shots down and I was ready for more. I was wearing a simple tight black dress with the top cut low. Lace sleeves that went half way down my arms and my hair curled up into a bun. My bangs were put into a bump above my forehead and to complete my outfit, I wore a leather jacket. Joanna had a flowy turquoise dress with a bodice for the top and a black sweater. Laura and Ali had similar outfits to me only Laura's was light blue long sleeve with all lace and nude pumps whilst Ali wore the shortest red strapless dress I've ever seen with a white jean jacket. She's also the only one I know who can pull it off with her bright blonde hair styled down to her shoulders

"Are we all ready then?" I asked

"Hell yeah!" Ali shouted whilst slurring her words

"Everyone besides Ali?" Laura laughed

"Yes Jenn, we're ready" I nodded then turned to Joanna

"Lead the way love!"

The ride over to the club was full of laughing and screaming but luckily Joanna is the safest driver out of all of us. Not necessarily the best but definitely the safest. When we finally got to the club, we got a round of shots, plus a water for Joanna. 

"To Jenn" Ali slurred "For following that big dream of hers"

About four more shots in and I couldn't tell up from down. There were only three things I remembered. One, Ali was all over a guy that looked 2 years older then her, that's 5 years more then me, some chick called me a hoe, and this guy in front of me looked unbelievably familiar. I couldn't see too well since my vision was hazy but his eyes were obviously a gorgeous blue-green. He had a deep voice that was overwhelmingly seductive and reminded me of someone but I didn't know who. The one thing that stood out the most was his posture and how tall he was. He stood in such a way that made him seem 2 years older than he looked. We danced all night long and it was like there were sparks between us. His hands staying right below the middle of my back but right above my bum. We were as close as we could get and if we were any closer, it wouldn't be a public affair. If there was one thing I remembered it was this conversation we had, although I don' remember when. 

"What's your name beautiful?" He whispered seductively

"Jennifer" I managed to slur out "What's yours?" He looked around, at least I think that's what his head was doing

"I can't tell you yet, but" He stopped talking for some reason and took his arms off of me."I have to go. Here" He brought me close again and opened my hand, putting something in it that felt like paper then closing it again. Everything after that was a blur. I didn't remember anything except blackness. I only remembered someone saying tomorrow then more darkness. The next thing I remembered was waking up in the car with my head on Laura's lap, Ali leaning up against the window. My hand was tightly clenched around something but I didn't know what. I tried to look at what it said but everything was blurred. I clenched it in my hand again and closed my eyes. That was the last time I woke up that whole night.

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