Life as we know it

Jennifer lives in a flat right inside London with her best mate Laura. She is just finishing up college at Richmond and starting her new life as an adult. She starts working in a coffee house as the live performance until she notices a visitor who keeps showing up. Who is this mystery guy? (+15) Intense sexual scenes, and language.


2. Chasing Dreams

I had woken up to Laura pulling me off the bed.

"GET UP! I have been yelling in your ear for a good 10 minutes now get up you lazy arse!" She yelled jokingly.

"Ehh sod-off Laura..." I mumbled

"Stop whinging. It's 12:30 and you have to go to the coffee shop in an hour. Get up and get famous already!!" I just groaned in return

"You asked for it"

She pulled my light brown duvet and pulled it all the way off of me, leaving me completely uncovered on the ground. I sleep in virtually nothing except for pants and a bra. Luckily I was cold last night and put on some hot shorts and a tank top. 

"Bloody hell it's cold in here" I mumbled groggily, wrapping myself in my own arms on the ground 

"It's gonna get a whole lot colder if you don't WAKE UP!"  I finally opened my eyes and looked at her. She had her light brown hair up in a bun with the dark purple tips hanging out. She was dressed in sweats that said 'DANCE' and a black sweatshirt. Her glasses were sitting on top of her nose. She was a small girl, smaller then me however, and older then me too. Her hair usually fell right to the bottom of her back with an exception to today.

"Uggh fine I'll get up." I slowly sat up whilst still on the ground. 

"Oh and take a shower. Until then, this is mine" She walked out of the bedroom with my duvet over her shoulder and arm. She then shut the door and left me sitting on the ground

"Shit" I whispered to myself. I ran my fingers through my ash blonde hair trying to wake up.I got up off the ground and walked over to my closet. Nothing to wear, I thought. I then walked over to my bathroom instead and turned on the tub water. I looked in the mirror and made a face at myself. Hannah was right, I needed a shower. My hair was losing it's natural wave and was hella greasy. My make-up from last night was under my eyes since I went out last night and it looked like I had too much fun. Not possible in my book. I wiped it off with my fingers and got into my shower. I tried to be quick knowing that I only had an hour to get ready. I ran into my bedroom after in just a towel and checked my IPhone. 

1:00 pm

December 22nd, 2013

Only 30 more minutes. Shit. I ran back to my closet and looked around. I grabbed my pink long sleeve, a white scarf, black leggings, cream socks and my brown high heeled boots. Perfect for my first day. I slipped on my pants and snapped on my bra right before my phone went off. I unplugged it and answered

"Hi Mum" I said cheerily 

"Hi sweetie, I just wanted to check in and say good luck today!" I laughed

"Isn't it like seven O'clock there right now?" 

"Nahh it's eight actually" She said whilst laughing

"Mum! You should be getting to work!"

"Well sorry about caring about my one and only daughter geeez"

 "Sorry, Thanks for calling Mum. I just thought you had to work today?" I heard her shuffling

"Actually I just got to work. Sitting down right now as we speak. Has your accent gotten stronger since I last called?" I shook my head and laughed

"I don't know Mum, I don't track my accent

"I think it has. Well I have to go and you Good luck performing today. Your dad would be so proud" I smiled at the remembrance of my father and how he taught me to sing and play guitar. I remember that day like it was yesterday. He would always call me by my nick name 

"Here Jenn, put your fingers like this." He showed me the way to place my fingers by showing me on his own guitar. His jet black opposed to my cherry wood. I placed my fingers carefully over the finger board in the pattern he showed me. I strummed quietly on the strings to make a G-chord. I looked up and he was smiling at me

"Good job Honey" I smiled back at him and continued playing the one chord I just learned. I haven't set down that guitar since that day. I've been playing since 3rd grade and now I'm in college.

"Well I really have to go Jenn. Have a good day! Love you." I snapped out of my memory

"Love you too Mum" I hung up the phone and sighed. The fact that I he died when I was 9 makes me pretty immune to crying over this. And I don't cry. I'm not one of those girls who break down and cry over everything and anything. I went back to the bathroom and got my shirt and leggings on. I then slipped on my cream socks over my leggings and wrapped my scarf around my neck. I played around with my waves a bit until they fell perfectly over my scarf. I took one last look in the mirror and looked to my neck. I usually would find a necklace right around my now baron neck. It was a turquoise and silver saint Christopher necklace that surfers wore. It was my fathers before he died. He got me one when I was 6 that was identical only in pink. When we were visiting once he placed mine in his hand and said to keep it safe for him. When my mum told me dad wasn't coming back, I gave my pink one to my sister so that she would have something from Dad. I now wear mine everyday as a symbol of him. My mother honestly hates them and tried to take them away thinking they are witch craft but we simply just hid them. I searched through my drawers and finally found it, the silver back turning color from how many times I've worn it in the water. I attached it around my neck and checked my phone

1:19 pm

December 22nd, 2012

I gotta go, like now. I grabbed my guitar, boots and purse and down the hall. I slipped my boots on at the door, put my coat on, grabbed the keys and looked back to Laura. She was cooking pancakes in the kitchen

"Are you gonna eat or what?" She asked. I put my guitar down, ran to the kitchen, grabbed a few in my hand and sprinted back out the door. I put my guitar in my black jeep and looked for the keys. Dammit. I ran back inside, grabbed my purse and keys and just before I closed the door I yelled to Laura

"Taking the Jeep!!"

"No! Jenn-" I shut the door, got in the car, put the keys in the ignition and left. Time to start my life

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