i killed my dad

a little girl when she was younger she killed her father she has a gift of obediance can she find the fairy who put the spell on her and get her to take it back or will she make a big mistake on the way


2. fathers funearl

we was in the church, we usally sat at the back but this time we was at the front beacause it was one of our own that had died; i turned and ganced at.mother as i seen a churn in her belly as she tried to hold in her sorrow tears. her cheeks blood shot read, i wanted so badly to tell her the truth but i new that i cant i new that she would kill and never ever want to speak to me again. or even worse see me i was only 8 and she she might even kick me out the house and i wouold have to stay with cousin crowly iiiiiiii thought this was only a dream and when i close them and open them everything will be back back to normal just how i like it. i shut my eyes for a few seconds then  open them and i am the only one in the church. beacause evryone has left except my brother. saying come on you are about to miss putting flowers on fathers coffin. i jumped up out of my seat and thought grate not how i like; i walked to fathers coffin in a grump and in a hissy fit. i thought every would would be back to normal but it wasnt why wasnt it i just want father back and hhhow will mother be able to afford the rent and get get on the table , without father there is no money no life and worse nnnnoooo food this is gonna be the worst day of my life no matter what happens it feels like i am lost i  my own world. after we put flowers by the coffin we went home.

as we walked through the door my oldest sister abigail who had alot of problems shouted breaed and butter pudding abigail liked everything and anything there was not a thing she would not touch, there was for us we did not like much when mother was not looking we would scrape it on to laylas plate she really liked that.


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