i killed my dad

a little girl when she was younger she killed her father she has a gift of obediance can she find the fairy who put the spell on her and get her to take it back or will she make a big mistake on the way


1. in the forest [ over 12]

i was in the forest with my dad  my dad told me to stay where i was i had to of course cause i had the gift of obdience. when my father was cutting wood i heard a swosh it was coming towards me what was i going to do i was pushed far awy from where i was. 2 seconds later there was blood all over me i lookede up to see father covered in blooed and spiked from the tree plunged in his heart. tears started to trickle down my cheeks i ran home to mother and lied i told her that a spiky tree fell on him. and that a snake had a pulled his heart out and ripped into tiny pieces over him .

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