I need you..

He's been my best friend for ever..to know he loves another girl just hurts, I don't know what to do anymore.


3. Seeing him again.

Natalie's P.O.V


I woke up to the smell of pancakes,the sun light shining through the blinds hurt my eyes as I squinted in pain. My stomach rumbled so I got out of bed and walked through to the kitchen. Everyone was there, Courtz+Niall Hugging, El and Lou touching eachothers noses,Danielle+Harry kissing,Liam+Dani holdind hands and flirting, Perrie+Zayn hugging and kissing..Ida's gone home...so I was just standing there. Fucking hell I need a boyfriend. They didn't even notice me in there,they just carried on. It pissed me off a lot so I just stormed out of the room,went to my rolm and slammed the door. It looked summy but cold outside so I thought I would go get a coffe and go for a walk. I put black leggings on, my hollister vest top on, my grey superdry hoodie, and my balck superdry coat on along with brown boots and my bear hat with a scarf and gloves. Grabbed my phone and £10 i found on my bed side table. To make sure no one saw me I tip toed out, well it didn't really work seeing as they were right outside my door so I just ran. When I was outside I realised how cold it was, so I just carried on walking to starbucks. Going for a walk was so nice,seeing kids have fun, watching woman stressy late for work,oh yeah work next week, also smiling at old people is always good hahah. When I arrived i starbucks I saw someone I recognised. He was taking his order so I couldn't see his face well, I went on my tio toes and to my side to get more of a glimpse of him. My boots werent very good as my ankle gave up on my and I fell into a basket full of water bottles,everyone turned around and stared at me like I'd just killed 5 people, they also recognised me from the boyss and stuff but idk. The boy I recognised looked over at me and laughed, OMG ITS JOSH! My ex and best friend from school. He's finnshed his order and walked over to me. "NATALIE I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH, HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?" He shouted hugging me, I hugged him back then pulled away and looked into his green eyes and his perfect brown hair. "Josh! I've missed you too. Things have been...ok I suppose hahah could be better really, what about you?" I replied smiling like an idiot because I missed him so much. "Great thanks, shall we catch up over a walk with coffe?" He asked, oh hell ye. "Sure." I smiled. I'm so happy to see him again. 



*Josh's P.O.V*

I saw her again,the girl I loved when we were 12. We never wanted to break up in the first place we just thought it would be the best for the both of us I suppose. She's just so beautiful. She still has her dyed bright red long, smooth hair, her eyes were blue as always, she's just so perfect. I still love her. Yeah I've had other girlfriends in the past but they never meant as much as she did to me. After a while of arguing who's paying I finally decided I was going to pay for her coffe and we went outside to walk. "So, hows life been then. I've seen you all over magazines with One Direction. I remember when you used to brag about your best friend, Niall and your cousin Harry, when they both got put in a group together with 3 other people on x-factor no one believed you, now look haha. Sorry I've just gone completely off the subject, hows life?" She laughed at my awkwardness and took a deep breath. "Yeah, lifes good. A lot of things have been going on, ya'no with Niall's girlfriend and stuff, but yeah I suppose it's been fine. I got a cat and everything so yeah. Just..the only reason I came out today is because everyone slept round mine last night, they are all couples, when I went into the kitchen in the morning they were all kissing and stuff it just pissed me off as they didn't even notice me. So I got dressed and ran out." I nodded, not knowing what to say. We carried on walking for a while and catching up with everything. "So, um..I was wondering if you wanted to go out somewhere tonight?" The words FINALLY slipped out of my mouth. What if she says know, what if.."Yeah, i I would love that." Oh thank god. "I'll pick you up at yours around 7?" She smiled. "Course, you have my number don't you? I'll text you my address." I nodded. We said our goodbyes and went seperate directions(see what I did there;))


Natalie's P.O.V

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG HE ASKED ME OUT! Right, he didn't say where we're going, but told me to wear comfy things. Uh, what could I wear that's comfy? I might as well just wear my leggings I have on now..but wear a diffrent superdry hoodie, flowery top and um, ugg boots, and yeah, seems good. When I got home everyone had gone home..well the girls had, all the boys were just there. They were sitting on the sofa like they were waiting for me. "Where's the girls?" I asked hoping they wouldn't have a go at me. "They had to go." Zayn said not seeming happy. "Guys..what have I done?" I asked fed up of them looking at me like this. "Storming out earlier! What did we do?" Harry shouted, jesus christ. "FINE, I'll tell you what..you were all in the kitcchen, having fun with you're girlfriends and not even noticing that I was in there. You just carried on! You know I'm not happy at the moment with Niall and stuff but NO! You just carry on doing everything." That hurt my throat man, omg. They all had hurt faces, "Oh, we didn't know you felt that way." Liam said. I felt bad. "Sorry, I just argh i dont know..BUT guess who I saw today? Josh! Ya'no my ex from when I was 12 hahah. He's asked me to go somewhere with me tonight but I don't have a clue where, it's pretty much a date! He text me saying to wear comfy clothes and he's picking me up at 7! Jesus christ it's only 2! arrgh" They all laughed at me..oh. I'm gunna go see snowflake, have you fed her?" I asked hoping they have. They all nodded, I'm quite suprised Niall didn't eat the cat food to be honest,lolll. I went to go find her and saw her sleeing on by bed. "Aw hello babyyy" I said cooing,she's just too cute,awh. I lifted her up and held her in my eyes while she was purring. I laid down on my bed falling asleep. I woke up after i dont know how long. I reached for my phone and found it was 6.45. Jesus christ. I got a text from Josh saying he was on his way, aw shit. I got up, fixed my hair, got changed and couldn't be bothered with make up. After a while I heard a knock at the door so I grabbed my phone, coat and keys then went to answer the door. 

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