I need you..

He's been my best friend for ever..to know he loves another girl just hurts, I don't know what to do anymore.


2. Meeting Her. Snowflake. Sleep over. Payzer.

Natalie's P.O.V

Quickly running around the flat I was checking to see if everything looked ok, first impressions are good right? I got inturupted by a knock on the door. I took a deep breath in, walked over and opened the door. "Hey Nat!" Niall shouted hugging me, I could've stayed in that hug for ever. "Hey Nialler, come in both of you." They walked in, wipping their feet on the mat, good manners I see, ahaha. I stared at Courtz for a while, she's beautiful. Her long brown straight hair falling perfectly down her back. She was so skinny, not bad skinny, perfect skinny,aha. Her eyes, were amazing, brown, but bright, I wish I was her. "Nat, this is Courtz, my girlfriend. Courtz, this is Nat, my best friend." Niall introduced us, I hugged her and kissed her on the cheek and she did the same thing back. "Hey, your flat is lovely, you're beautiful. I've heard a lot about you." She commented smiling. "Awh thank you. You're beautiful too, and they're all good things I hope." Looking at Niall and winking. He had a huge grin on his face, probably happy his two girls were getting along.  I'm still not happy about anything, I'm just being civil, for the sake of keeping my best friend. We sat down and spoke about things. Me and Courtz got to know each other better, she's so much better than me. She cooks, horse rides, goes for runs everyday and works at hollister. Shit I forgot, I have to go back to work next week, oh. After a good 3 hours we all thought it was time for them to go home. We said goodbyes and they left. I leaned against the back of the door trying not to cry, thank god I kept it in. I jumped on the sofa and looked at the time, 9pm. Might as well go to bed, I got a shower, dried my hair, put my pyjamas on and climbed into bed.


This morning when I woke up I felt so happy! I had this really strange feeling that I was lonely in my flat though. Suddenly a really good idea came into my head, I text Dani, Elanor, Danielle, Perrie and Chantee. I told them to come round mine and they did after I got ready they all arrived. "right girls..I want a cat. So we're going to go shopping, do what ever we want and I can buy a cat ok?" They all looked at me like I was mad but nodded their heads in agreement. We got to westfeilds and went shopping, I got 3 new hollister tops, 2 new hollister shorts and a couple of hollister hoodies, i love them so much ok. In republic I fell in love with this dress, it was white, but had like lilac, pink and baby blue patterns on, hard to explain really, but i bought it, and a really nice top from there too. We ate at Nando's then made our way to the pet shop in town. The cats there were just so cute, but there was one that caught my eye, it's beautiful. It was fluffy, and white, bright blue eyes, never knew cats could have blue eyes but aw, it's perfect. Perrie went to get a shop assisant as i was too busy admiring the perfect cat. "I cant believe you're doing this Nat, hahah." Dani said, I laughed. "YOLO" I shouted, suddenly regretting it and covering my mouth, "Did I really just say yolo? Oh my god." They all laughed. The shop assistant came and I bought the cat (found out it was a girl) and bought everything I needed for her. Me& the girls decided we were all going to sleep at mine tonight, it's been a long and perfect day. 


When we arrived home I played with the cat for an hour, I decided to call her snowflake, she looked like one so ya know. "Hey guys, should we invite the boys, Tori, Ida and Courtz over? It will be funnnn!" They all nodded in agreement. Ida's Perrie's sister and Tori's Liam's girlfriend, Dani should be alright with this,  hope. After I phoned all of them they arrived. "IT'S A CATTT!" Harry shouted. "Sh, she's scared." I soothed. "Sorry, can I hold her?" I giggled "Sure Hazza, be carefull though ok." He nodded, Harry loves cats so I trust him. "Lou sat next to El, Liam sat next to Dani and Tori, Ida sat next to Perrie, Zayn also sat next to Perrie, Niall and Courtz sat next to me and on the other side of me was chantee and Harry and Danielle sat next to eachother. "TRUTH OR DARE!!!!" Lou shouted, I rolled my eyes..typical Lou. "Right, we will go round in a circle starting from Louis, ok Louis Truth or dare?" I asked. "Hmmm, dare!" He replied with his cheeky grin. "SWAP CLOTHES WITH EL!" Perrie shouted, omg this was going to be hillarious. They both went away for a while and came back in, Lou looked so funny in a dress I couldn't stop laughing, It was Dani's go next. "TRUTH OR DARE DANIIIIII!" Li shouted. "uh, truth." She replied nervously. "PUSSSAAAAY" I shouted while winking at her, everyone laughed. "Hm, who are you currently in love with?" Ida asked. "Um..Liam." She blurted out, imeedietly regretting it by covering her mouth. We were all shocked. Especially Li and Tori. 


Dani ran out of the flat and I tried to run after her but Liam stopped me, he wanted to talk to her himself. "WHAT ABOUT ME LIAM, YOU'RE JUST GUNNA LEAVE ME FOR THAT BITCH." Tori shouted out, I can not believe she just said that. "DANI IS NOT A BITCH. YOU KNOW WHAT, YEAH I AM! BECAUSE AT LEAST SHE HAS A HEART TO ADMIT SHE'S IN LOVE WITH ME, GOODBYE TORI." He shouted gesturing for her to get out, when she stormed out Liam ran to find Dani. "Well.." I said to break the awkward silence. "Let's have dinner I'm starving." Courtz suggested, appatite like Niall I see, haha. We ordered Domino's and ate it, in about an hour while watching TV. Liam and Dani came into the flat holding hands and smiling."PPPPPAAAAAYYYYYYZZZZZZEEEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!!!" Me and Lou shouted at the same time. Li and Dani both nodded, I'm so happy their back together.


Everyone thought we should go to bed seeing as it was 11pm. They got the air beds out and spare mattresses also slept on the sofas while I picked up snowflake, fed her then took her to my room ,she was going to sleep in my bed tonight. When I was ready for bed I juumped in holding Snowflake in my arms. I was thinking about everything..Niall and Courtz, Pazyzer, Snowflake, also my family. I haven't spoken to my Mum, Dad or brothers and sisters in ages, I must do that tomorrow. I don't know what I'mm going to do about Niall, I should just get over him. He's happy with Courtz. Maybe I'll find someone, I don't know. Well I could meet someone at work next week, I work at Nando's so maybe I could have my first date there, also I have a black card so I can get what ever I want for free, oh yeeee. Everythings changing, not bad change..good change. I can honestly say right now..lifes good.

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