Some kinda loving

A collection of poems written for those who appreciate and also read between between the lines. On various subjects, mostly love and lust. Please read and if you like comment...


12. A day in the life (adult version.)

I wanna drink champagne
And eat caviar,
While spending the day
Talking to Director Almodavar

I wanna 10k a night prostitute
Then stack up her belly
And sniff out her toot

I wanna 18 yr old Single malt
And a girlfriend whose not to young
That I end up getting caught.
Drape her up with gold and bling.
Then twist her body to make her ring

I wanna dance all day
And at night sing.
Don't bother to call my phone
I switched it off it won't ring.

I gotta Loni and Honi
And sandy and brandy.
I don't call them by their names
I might forget and they'll get funny.

I drive a right old shitter
And nobody knows.
So borrow my brothers car
That's how it goes.

You see he's a big hitter.
Taught me everything I know
Like if someone's real bitter
You keep your head down low.

He said
there are those who have
And those who had.
One of them is happy
And the other one sad.

I don't care I'll still ride that train
Keep doing my stuff
Till I'm off my brain.

We had a dad once,
Till he ran off with another.
But The way I see it,
Fuck him,
He weren't good enough for my mother.
He saw him down the road the other day,
Then he saw me and went the other way.

You see This is my story
My human race.

There are songs to sing
And tales to tell....
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