Some kinda loving

A collection of poems written for those who appreciate and also read between between the lines. On various subjects, mostly love and lust. Please read and if you like comment...


1. The lady innocent

The Lady Innocent

Beyond the flesh, my desires.
Still left unsated..
Expectation, moulding my hunger
Submission leaves you eager.
Your body shivers to touch,
And Moonlight paints a glowing light
Upon your naked supine form.
Lips tensed fore warns the night.
Your welcome soft yet warm.

That moment a painters palette
gives new memory form
Truth that my heart will behold.
And I will recall the musk of you
Only in the moment.

softness cushions the stomach
As Bodies rise on inhaled breath
Yet Before new seasons begun
Rise and well met again.

Days cotton plain
And Nights silken weave
Together became one.

At That moment I was the sea
With you the moon
Setting over me.

And somewhere yonder blue
An animal howled for me and you.
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