I wake up in a room in a some mansion, with no memory of last night, a blurry vision and a strange voice in my head. But I'm not alone, there is something or someone looking for me, something that is not very excited about my presence in this mansion. am i seeing things? or is this reality? As I try to make my way out of here there is only one question..... Who or what wants me dead?

(based on the game 'amnesia' played by Pewdiepie
search youtube and type 'pewdiepie amnesia')


3. Safe in the safe

'24th February, 1812 Day 5                                                                                                                   This is the 5th day I have lived in this mansion and I already have that uneasy feeling. Maimly about the staff that work here, I feel like for some reason, one of the staff wants something from me, like there is that perticular person I'm not supposed to trust. I think Brutus (my brother, Stefan's servant) saw me put the key to this room in the safe.......' Safe in the safe? I gave a look of confusion as I searched every corner of the safe.... NOTHING!!! I carried on reading. Maybe there was more information about the eledged key for this room.

'Well I should say, the safe inside the safe, a little door with no key required inside the safe is where I put the key. But I should keep watch of Brutus, and stay out of his way. I don't feel comfortable around him. I'm not sure I can trust him.' What did he mean by 'safe in a safe' I felt around the back of the safe when I felt a bump, I felt a handle too, so I grabbed it and pulled to reveal a few interesting things: I found the key I was looking for, a lantern( that could come in use, it's pretty dark in here) a bottle labelled 'sanity potion' looking puzzled i popped it in my pocket somehow it could come in use. Finally I found a little gold statue. He looked a bit like jesus with the beard and hairstyle, he was holding a sword in that proposal pose with the sword in the ground. there was a tag attatched to it saying 'Stephano' was that the name? I don't know.

What I was a bit confused about was the safe inside the safe. I mean, why would you get a safe, just to put another safe in, it was just confusing me a tiny bit. Another weird thing is, whilst I was reading the note, I could here a man's voice, like somehow... He was reading it to me, maybe that was the man who wrote the note.

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