I wake up in a room in a some mansion, with no memory of last night, a blurry vision and a strange voice in my head. But I'm not alone, there is something or someone looking for me, something that is not very excited about my presence in this mansion. am i seeing things? or is this reality? As I try to make my way out of here there is only one question..... Who or what wants me dead?

(based on the game 'amnesia' played by Pewdiepie
search youtube and type 'pewdiepie amnesia')


4. Ghostly conversations

I grabbed stephano, like it would come in use, I grabbed it for company, I don't know why. It's like it would make me feel better than being alone, now I have a sort-of companion.

I was getting ready to insert the key in the keyhole, I concentrated carefully for some reason. I pushed the key in and twisted it.... PERFECT!!! it was the right key! I opened the door ever so slightly. To see if the thing was still there... nothing, the door gave a loud creaking sound. Great job, surely nobody will here that(that was sarcasm by the way).

I started to walk down a long corridor, there were suits of armour every where, for some reason I didn't trust them. So from now on..... I now started knocking there heads off, just in case.

I stopped cold, something was wrong. I turned around.... nothing, I turned back. All of a sudden, I heard whispering voices, along the corridor. It sounded as though it was coming from my right. I tip-toed down the corridor. Finally, the whispering was loud enough for me to know it was coming from this room.

I  saw the door of the room that said 'feast room.' I peered my head around to see 2 ghosts having a conversation. They were both posh, too posh to be one of the staff in my opinion. I tried to hear as much as I could. That Haythem (the note writer) guy and this other man, I tried to write a script in my head on what they were saying:

Haythem: I told you 1,000 time Stephan, your servant is not to be trusted, there is something about him that I dont trust                                                                                                                                                    Stephan: And I've told you 1,00000 times there is nothing to worry about, Brutus is a trustworthy worker and he will never snoop anywhere where he shouldn't                                                                           Haythem: You don't understand, brother. That man is not right, I caught him watching me as I put that key in the safe                                                                                                                                          Stephan: I'm sure it was a coinsedence, I don't think he would do such a thing on purpose   Haythem: Trust what you think is right.. I'm not stopping you. But whe you realise the madman Brutus really is, don't come crying to me. But do feel free to say 'you were right'

Haythem left the room through a door which seemed to say 'Library.' But Stephan just dissapeared, vanished... Just like that, well what can I say? He was a ghost after all

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