I wake up in a room in a some mansion, with no memory of last night, a blurry vision and a strange voice in my head. But I'm not alone, there is something or someone looking for me, something that is not very excited about my presence in this mansion. am i seeing things? or is this reality? As I try to make my way out of here there is only one question..... Who or what wants me dead?

(based on the game 'amnesia' played by Pewdiepie
search youtube and type 'pewdiepie amnesia')


2. Doorways

I was frozen, I was too terrified to move, it was like my bones just stopped in it's place. my bones then started to relax after a few minutes, i looked around to see if he was behind me. my breathing was getting louder and heavier, my heart was beating rapidly. But I didn't unserstand it, the monster, the thing.... It just looked so REAL!!! I couldn't take it any longer, I decided I needed to get out of here, before something else happens. I forced all my energy to help get to my feet, it took a few seconds though. Once I got onto my feet I started to look around.

But my vision was still blurry and I couln't see clearly, plus my head was hurting badly, my head was throbbing, I was in a terrible state, but that wasn't going to stop me from getting out of this horror house. I looked around the creepy atmosphere again, I could see a cabinet. I grabbed hold the handle, locked, perhaps there was a key. Wait a minute... THE DOOR!!! it was still there, how come though? I saw the thing rip it in half. I could be seeing things, maybe the door isn't there and I'm imagining it is there. I ran to the door..... BANG!!!! Ok, I wasn't seeing things, the door was there before.

I look around again, a bookcase! there is always a book that you pull to open an entrance. I yanked all the books out of the case, nothing. This was harder than I thought. I stared at the cabinet again, I grabbed it and using nearly all my strength, heaved it out of the way. I found this safe, attatched to it was a piece of paper with the numbers '5-7-3-6' the numbers for the safe. So I typed the numbers... '5-7-3-6' I heard a clicking sound.

I found a piece of paper with writing on it... a note! I read the piece of paper, apparently it was written by this bloke name Haythem Azaria. His writing was pretty neat, well, what can I say? He was a posh man to have lived in an old mansion like this. Well, it did say in the note that he was rich. So I started to read the piece of paper

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