I wake up in a room in a some mansion, with no memory of last night, a blurry vision and a strange voice in my head. But I'm not alone, there is something or someone looking for me, something that is not very excited about my presence in this mansion. am i seeing things? or is this reality? As I try to make my way out of here there is only one question..... Who or what wants me dead?

(based on the game 'amnesia' played by Pewdiepie
search youtube and type 'pewdiepie amnesia')


1. Awoken

Where am I? What is this place? I'll tell you where I was! I was cooped up in a room, in this mansion which appeared to be abandoned. I had just woken up from a dream, a nightmare, where I was having my insides devoured by some beast, but I couldn't do anything, all I had to do Is watch as his claws reached into my torn open chest, I soon woke up the second before he ripped my heart out. my vision was blurry and I couldn't remember a thing about last night, or how I ended up here. I was getting chills down my spine, I didn't have enough strength to stand, I was weak.

I noticed a light in the corner of the room, I dragged myself along the floor to find out what it is, due to my blurry vision I couldn't recognise it from any distance. My legs were almost grazed as I reached to touch the light. OUCH!!!! A candle, the burn was racing through my hand and through my bones, it hurt. I held onto my burnt finger for a bit to get rid of the pain, it did work I assure you.

Suddenly I heard a noise, a sound coming from the outside of this room. I could hear it coming closer, like it knew I was here. It came to the point where I scrambled to my knees, but that was all I could do, I couldn't gather enough strength to stand on my own two feet. Just then, a hand came through the door, I looked at it in astonishment, that hand, the claws, no, it couldn't be, please no, not the same monster in my dream.

The monster destroyed the door and made the hinges fall off, he took the door and ripped it in two and threw it to the side of the room. I stared at it, it was him, the monster in my nightmare standing before me with it's ripped mouth, clawed hands. I fell to the floor and hurt my bottom, then crawled to the floor, the monster followed me there. was this it? was this the end? already? after a few minutes? he lifed his right hand to rip me in half. I closed my eyes, I couldn't watch, I couldn't witness my own death again....... But I felt nothing, no pain, I opened one eye, then the other.

I couldn't believe it! the monster, in my my dream was......... gone!

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