True #instagram #stories #1: @loveismyreligion24

 Everybody's iG has a story,you could take the pictures and tell the story behind it.this is @loveismyreligion24 story #truestory


1. Orlando,fl January 22 2009 :"he's first bottle:) first 3hours of he's life he was with daddy all alone"
Camera goes inside the picture and takes it back to that time
January 22 2009 6:01pm
@loveismyreligion24 arrives in the Orlando Winnie Palmer for kids hospital where he's girlfriend Heidy is giving birth to their first child Wich name has been giving by he's dad Kendall g Allen Pichardo..he's late already bc he got out of work late on rush hour.
He walks in the hospital late, he goes up the elevator to the delivery room where he's girl is giving birth,goes to the receptionist
I'm here for Heidy Pichardo she giving birth to my son!
Receptionist #1
Ok calm down sir,let me call inside the room to make sure you could go in and is not to late..
Is my son,you ganna make me miss he's birth come on,they been calling me rushing me man..
Ok sir calm down
The nurse open the door and tells Kendall "you Kendall right?"yea Kendall answers,he goes inside and see's Heidy and she's crying
Hey Baby(soft voice)
Hey bae,you ok?
I'm scare,(crying)
Don't be scare baby,you a beast you got to be strong bae,be strong,I'm here and baby Kendall will be here good..
Baby Kendall was about a month premature,Kendall walks around and see's heidys belly cut into a triangle and the doctors taking baby Kendall out,Kendall looks and watches as the doctors spank him and he cries a little bit,they put him in the baby crib weight him clean him,Kendall takes he's look at he's first son..Kendall thinks how he was born he's mom told him he came out alone with no doctors around just him and he's mom alone..(Kendall is know to be hard headed for that)Kendall feeds he's son all alone in a rocking chair for 3 hours the first 3 hours out of he's sons life,because Heidy had high blood pressure so they took her in a different room because of her Kendall was born @6:28 pm January 22 2009.
Jumps out and goes in to another ig picture

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