Scared alone hearing things


1. Fear

Echo no
maybe it's a whisper
Did it call my name?
No it was definitely a whisper
Who is this sinister being
Why do you whisper
What secrets do you need to share
It's dark, so now I'm getting scared
I have no fear it's just my mind
Ok go upstairs but first check behind me
What is that sound the gentle creek
Is that breathing
again a creek
Getting closer who's there? Speak!
No reply am I losing my mind
That creek again do I call 999
What would I say
Hi I can hear a whisper
oh and a creak that almost speaks
calls my name
That evil sound, creek...
So I'm bound
to this doom while I cradle myself
await its fate it seems
I have no fight no defense
from this creaking psycho
approaching me
Again the whisper
Who can it be!
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