'Im Sorry'

this story is about a girl named Taylor Mariee,
Taylor is 1month pregnant with Harry Styles' baby but she doesnt want it and files harry to tell him about the abortion
but harry insistes on keeping the baby
will love blossom or will she vanish

read the story to find out more


3. Dealing with Simon


Running throught to studio doors three hours later,

the boys came up to me and asked me about all the Goss

"We're having a little baby girl," i said

"Yes, uncles uncles uncles" the boys chanted

they seemed so happy, but i had to tell them about the living arranges when simon barged through the boys

"WE'RE IN GODS NAME WERE YOU," he shouted angrily

"No wait- dont answer that, you know we have a concert in two weeks and you havent been the same ever since you broke up with that Mariee girl."

"Yea, well you know, shes pregnant to me so im going to be a father and although in 17 she now comes first in my life, OKAY"

The boys jumped in as simon backed away and finally left

"So," said Niall

"Well," said Zayn

"C'mon man" said Lou

"HARRY, hurry up, we wanna know" said Liam

i laughed 

"Well first things first, its a girl"

"YES" shouted Liam

"And..., when shes born shes gonna be living with us" 

"Well i think so anyway" 

Then there was a knock at the door 

"I'll get it"shouted Niall

Niall POV
When i anwsered the door it was love at first sight

beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes and medium tall, like me

but my dreams were interupted when

"Hi Taylor" said Harry

"Hey Harry," she said

"Guys this is Taylor Mariee,"

"Taylor, meet everyone, everyone meet Taylor" he said

everyone said 'hello' but me i just stood there trying not to drop my jaw

she was soo pretty i couldnt keep my eyes off her

i walked over and introduced myself

"Hi, im Niall 1/5 of well you know- One Direction"

she giggled and said

"Hi im Taylor, holder of Harry's baby" she laughed again

and even harry had a little laugh

"Dont worry Taylor, Nialls just trying to flirt with you"

Niall blushed and quickly said

"Well, is it working"

"Sorta" she said 

"But im not dating anyone and plus, im 15 and you what, um... 20"

"Ohh... really you look older, no offence"

"None taking Nialler"

"Guys, i have to go but Harry next appointment is in 5 months, Okay"

Harry POV

After she left i walked he out an kissed her and found her actually kissing me back, but she pulled away when Zayn walked out

"Bye Harry" she said and quickly walked off

"Umm, wanna lift"Zayn said

"Sure" she answered back

Zayn POV

"Wanna come inside" she said

"Sure" i said 

then i shook my head and said 

"NO!! im sorry i cant do this i have a girl friend"

she kissed me and walked off




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